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These tables list the offsets at which the various files of Sonic CD 510 can be found in the binary iso. Note: The end offset of these files is the end of the physical file, not the end of the padding appended to the file in the CD mastering process. Therefore, any data past $B800 not covered here is padding data. Data before $B800 includes the Initial Program, System Program, and ISO9660 filesystem data.

Level *.MMD locations

Level Start Location End Location
PPZ1 Present $B800 $4B7FF
PPZ1 Past $4B800 $8B7FF
PPZ1 Bad Future $8B800 $CB7FF
PPZ1 Good Future $CB800 $10B7FF
PPZ2 Present $10B800 $14B7FF
PPZ2 Past $14B800 $18B7FF
PPZ2 Bad Future $18B800 $1CB7FF
PPZ2 Good Future $1CB800 $20B7FF
PPZ3 Bad Future $20B800 $24B7FF
PPZ3 Good Future $24B800 $28B7FF
CCZ1 Present $28B800 $3CB7FF
CCZ1 Past $3CB800 $40B7FF
CCZ1 Bad Future $40B800 $44B7FF
CCZ1 Good Future $44B800 $48B7FF
CCZ2 Present $48B800 $4CB7FF
CCZ2 Past $4CB800 $50B7FF
CCZ2 Bad Future $50B800 $54B7FF
CCZ2 Good Future $54B800 $58B7FF
CCZ3 Bad Future $58B800 $5CB7FF
CCZ3 Good Future $5CB800 $60B7FF
TTZ1 Present $60B800 $64B7FF
TTZ1 Past $64B800 $68B7FF
TTZ1 Bad Future $68B800 $6CB7FF
TTZ1 Good Future $6CB800 $70B7FF
TTZ2 Present $70B800 $74B7FF
TTZ2 Past $74B800 $78B7FF
TTZ2 Bad Future $78B800 $7CB7FF
TTZ2 Good Future $7CB800 $80B7FF
TTZ3 Bad Future $80B800 $84B7FF
TTZ3 Good Future $84B800 $88B7FF
QQZ1 Present $88B800 $8CB7FF
QQZ1 Past $8CB800 $90B7FF
QQZ1 Bad Future $60B800 $94B7FF
QQZ1 Good Future $94B800 $98B7FF
QQZ2 Present $98B800 $9CB7FF
QQZ2 Past $9CB800 $100B7FF
QQZ2 Bad Future $100B800 $104B7FF
QQZ2 Good Future $104B800 $108B7FF
QQZ3 Bad Future $108B800 $10CB7FF
QQZ3 Good Future $10CB800 $110B7FF
WWZ1 Present $110B800 $114B7FF
WWZ1 Past $114B800 $118B7FF
WWZ1 Bad Future $118B800 $11CB7FF
WWZ1 Good Future $11CB800 $120B7FF
WWZ2 Present $120B800 $124B7FF
WWZ2 Past $124B800 $128B7FF
WWZ2 Bad Future $128B800 $12CB7FF
WWZ2 Good Future $12CB800 $130B7FF
WWZ3 Bad Future $130B800 $134B7FF
WWZ3 Good Future $134B800 $138B7FF
SSZ1 Present $138B800 $13CB7FF
SSZ1 Past $13CB800 $140B7FF
SSZ1 Bad Future $140B800 $144B7FF
SSZ1 Good Future $144B800 $148B7FF
SSZ2 Present $148B800 $14CB7FF
SSZ2 Past $14CB800 $150B7FF
SSZ2 Bad Future $150B800 $154B7FF
SSZ2 Good Future $154B800 $158B7FF
SSZ3 Bad Future $158B800 $15CB7FF
SSZ3 Good Future $15CB800 $160B7FF
MMZ1 Present $160B800 $164B7FF
MMZ1 Past $164B800 $168B7FF
MMZ1 Bad Future $168B800 $16CB7FF
MMZ1 Good Future $16CB800 $170B7FF
MMZ2 Present $170B800 $174B7FF
MMZ2 Past $174B800 $178B7FF
MMZ2 Bad Future $178B800 $17CB7FF
MMZ2 Good Future $17CB800 $180B7FF
MMZ3 Bad Future $180B800 $184B7FF
MMZ3 Good Future $184B800 $188B7FF

Non-level *.MMD locations

Name Start Location End Location
SSEL__.MMD $118B800 $118CCD1
SPMM__.MMD $118D000 $1193F72
TITLE_.MMD $11E4000 $11E9957
WARP__.MMD $11EA000 $11EBA37
LOGO_M.MMD $11EC000 $11EE341
ATTACK.MMD $11F5800 $12028FF
IPX___.MMD $1204000 $12046CD
OPEN_M.MMD $1204800 $120764B
COME__.MMD $1F37000 $1F39213

*.BIN locations

Name Start Location End Location
SSPS__.BIN $1194000 $11E3FFF
LOGO_S.BIN $11EE800 $11EE8AB
PCM000.BIN $11EF000 $11F5669
ATTACK.BIN $1203000 $1203A77
OPEN_S.BIN $1207800 $1207A13

Other files

Name Start Location End Location
OPN.STM $1208000 $1F36FFF
CPY.TXT $1F39800 $1F3985D
ABS.TXT $1F3A000 $1F3A038
BIB.TXT $1F3A800 $1F3A83A

(The values above do not reflect padding that occurs at the time of CD image compilation, these are the absolute sizes)


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