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This is a list of art compressed with the Nemesis compression format.

File Offset Description
ATTACK.MMD $1AEE Main Time Attack text
ATTACK.MMD $20D6 Time Attack record text
ATTACK.MMD $24CA Special Stage Time Attack text
ATTACK.MMD $26F8 Special Stage record text
ATTACK.MMD $2C10 Time Attack level labels
ATTACK.MMD $2F18 Special Stage labels
ATTACK.MMD $30F0 Exiting text
ATTACK.MMD $31CE Zone selection text
ATTACK.MMD $3818 Large number font
ATTACK.MMD $3CA6 Small number font
ATTACK.MMD $3DF8 Full font
ATTACK.MMD $4040 Blank background block
COME__.MMD $2D8 Comin' Soon Text
LOGO_M.MMD $354 Sega Logo Art
R11A__.MMD $315C4 Seed Pod (Boss Goal)
R11A__.MMD $31C6C Giant Ring
R11A__.MMD $32076 Goal Pointer Sign
R11A__.MMD $32236 Goal Post
R11A__.MMD $32802 Act Complete Text
R11A__.MMD $3350C Title Card Zone Number
R11A__.MMD $345BC Diagonal Spring
R11A__.MMD $348C8 Straight Spring
R11A__.MMD $34AEA Item Box and Warp Post
R11A__.MMD $350EE Explosion Sprites
R11A__.MMD $355D6 Ring Sprite
R11A__.MMD $35C4A Hud Text
R11A__.MMD $35D76 Continue Post
R11A__.MMD $35EC0 Flower
R11A__.MMD $3613C Title Card Zone Title
R11A__.MMD $36266 Wide Floating Platform
R11A__.MMD $3642A Rock Sprite
R11A__.MMD $36538 Small U Shaped Platform
R11A__.MMD $3661E Wheel for Moving Platform
R11A__.MMD $366D4 Spinning Platform
R11A__.MMD $367C2 Time Travel Sparkles
R11A__.MMD $3690A Waterfall Splash
R11A__.MMD $36AAE Metal Trapdoor
R11A__.MMD $36B48 Water Splash
R11A__.MMD $36DF6 Mosqui Sprites
R11A__.MMD $37210 Pata-Bata Sprites
R11A__.MMD $3751E Anton Sprites
R11A__.MMD $37702 Taga-Taga Sprites
R11A__.MMD $37A56 Kamemusi Sprites
R11A__.MMD $37EB0 Jumping Pole (Unused in present)
R11A__.MMD $37FE8 Button (Including Unused broken)
R11A__.MMD $38102 Spikes
R11A__.MMD $38158 Swinging platform (Unused in present)
R11A__.MMD $382AA Animal Sprites
R11A__.MMD $38468 Spinning Platform Copy (with pole unused)
R11A__.MMD $38556 Time Machine
R11A__.MMD $3ACF8 Star Plant Sprite
R11A__.MMD $3AE80 Ramp Spinner
R11A__.MMD $3C538 8x8 Level Tiles
R11A__.MMD $3F2F0 Amy Sprites
SPMM__.MMD $10AA Unknown blocks, maybe layout
SPMM__.MMD $11AC Planet (TimeStone 2) Background
SPMM__.MMD $2364 Underwater (TimeStone 3) Background
SPMM__.MMD $3614 TimeTower (TimeStone 4) Background
SPMM__.MMD $6580 Programmer has a nap text
SSEL__.MMD $C10 Stage Select font
TITLE_.MMD $1F1A Title Screen Menu Text
TITLE_.MMD $2070 Title Screen BG & FG Art
TITLE_.MMD $5264 Title Screen Vocalist Text (Utoku Me-Ki)
WARP__.MMD $718 Sonic Sprite

This is a list of art compressed with the Kosinski compression format.

File Offset Description
SPSS__.BIN $10178 Developer has a nap special stage tiles
SPSS__.BIN $12428 Planet special stage tiles
SPSS__.BIN $146D8 Underwater special stage tiles
SPSS__.BIN $18CD8 Time Tower special stage tiles


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