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Sonic Rush (E3 demo)
Prerelease of: Sonic Rush
System: Nintendo DS
ROM size: 64 MB
Source: Cartridge
Found by: drx

The Sonic Rush E3 demo is a one-level demo of Sonic Rush for the Nintendo DS, displayed during E3 2005. It was found by drx, paid for by Techokami, and was then sent to Lightning to be dumped. It was then released on drx's website Hidden Palace as their first DS release.

The demo only contains one playable level, Leaf Storm Act 2, and a boss fight against the Egg Hammer Mega, and Sonic is the only playable character. By examining the game's contents it is found that there are seven Zones partially programmed into the ROM, but only three extra levels are playable. These levels are Leaf Storm Act 1, Water Palace Act 1, and Dead Line Act 1.[1]


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File: Sonic_Rush_E3_Beta.7z (1.53 MB) (info)

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