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Hidden Palace
Current owner(s): drx
Type of site: ROM distribution
Current status: Online
For the unused Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (16-bit) level, see Hidden Palace Zone. For the Sonic & Knuckles level, see Hidden Palace Zone (Sonic & Knuckles).

Hidden Palace is a website created and owned by drx to support the purchase, dumping and distribution of prototype, pirate and new revision video game ROMs. As of June 2008 almost 1100 prototypes have been released on the site, most available through direct download or BitTorrent.

IRC channel

The site has an IRC channel, #protos, also simulcast on CulTNET. You can find drx, Scarred Sun, Franz, Andlabs (as pietro10), and a few other people there. Constantly. Seriously, go join it!

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