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<forumuser name="Techokami" /> Techokami is a veteran scener. He joined the community in the distant year of 2002 under the name Knuckles T15. He made occasional posts at Sonic CulT, Sonic Secrets Center and Area 51, none of which were particularly impressive. He took an extended hiatus from the scene until around 2005, when he joined Sonic Retro.

He would later make various technical achievements, including helping to crack the art compression in Sonic Rush, revealing various leftovers from Sonic Advance 3 to still be in the game. This earned him Tech Membership on the forums.

He has also helped drx with money for purchasing prototypes, including paying for a prototype of Sonic Rush, then discovering an entire sprite set of Sonic from Sonic Advance 3 within.

He still remains in the scene today as an occasional poster, just as he has been for years.