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Park Avenue
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Park Avenue
Ninth level, Sonic Forces
Location: City
Level theme: urban
Played as: Avatar
Non-English names:
  • JP: パークアベニュー Pākuabenyū
Green Hill | Casino Forest
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Park Avenue is the ninth stage of Sonic Forces and the third stage to be played by the Avatar. This stage is set in the City, brought to ruin by the Eggman Empire's domination and transformed into an all-out warzone.


With the Eggman Empire having broken into Park Avenue, the Resistance prepares to mount a rescue of the civilians. The Avatar is left with the task of saving the civilians by Knuckles, as Sonic and Silver are still recovering from their last fight with Infinite and the other forces being preoccupied across the globe.

As the Avatar arrives, Amy requests for a status update on any survivors in the city. Espio and a soldier respond, saying that they cannot check due to the enemy forces being strong, making Knuckles realize that the Avatar is their only hope now. During the commotion, Silver and Vector notice that Assault-class Death Egg Robots are being mass produced, though Knuckles assures that the Avatar can handle it. After the Avatar blazes through the warzone, Knuckles notices that things are turning around and soon receives word from headquarters that the enemies are fleeing, with Espio congratulating everyone for their hard work while the Avatar makes their escape.


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