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Template:CharacterSheet Charmy Bee is an extremely hyperactive 6-year old bee with heart as big as his stinger and a trademark flight helmet. He's 2'3" tall, though he mostly hovers in the air, and weighs 22 lbs. He works in the Chaotix Detective Agency with Espio the Chameleon and Vector the Crocodile as the flight member. He also has the ability to warp between special flowers. He loves all kinds of flowers, and he also loves honey and taking long naps.

His first appearance was in a Japanese Sonic Manga. His first game appearance was in the Sega 32X game Knuckles' Chaotix (where he was labeled as 16 years of age in the US game manual, though his age was never stated in the original Japanese manual). He also appeared in Sonic Heroes, as part of Team Chaotix, and Shadow the Hedgehog.

In both of the comic continuities he is a prince of the bees. In the Archie comics, he is a sophisticated 18-year-old, and is married to a girl named Saffron. In the Fleetway comics, however, his teammates do not know that he is a prince.

In Shadow the Hedgehog, he helps out during the Prison Island level.

In Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games, Charmy appears as a referee, alongside Espio.

Charmy was played by Emily Corkery (English) and Yoko Teppoucho (Japanese) in Sonic Heroes, and Amy Birnbaum (English) in Shadow the Hedgehog.


  • For some reason, during the cutscene that took place before the Egg Hawk battle in Sonic Heroes, Charmy acts as if he's never met Robotnik before, which contradicts the events that took place in Knuckles' Chaotix.
  • Aside from Mighty, Charmy is the only Chaotix member that made no appearance whatsoever in Sonic Rivals 2.