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General bugs

Emerald Powers break boss music

If an Emerald Power (including Super forms) is active when approaching a boss, the power will be cancelled, however the boss music will be prevented from playing and the regular level music will continue to play. Defeating the boss in this state will result in the level music being played simultaneously over itself, and the clear jingle will not play after interacting with the Goal Plate or Capsule.

Fixed in v1.1.

Skip the Emerald Power tutorial

In the Special Stage, once the reticle appears over the Chaos Emerald start grabbing the Emerald, then quickly pause the game and select "Restart". This wlil exit the Special Stage and restart the current Act from the beginning, however the Chaos Emerald will still count as collected, skipping the Emerald Power tutorial.

YouTube video showing the bug in action.

Fixed in v1.1.

Trip's Double Jump animation after a Special Stage

SonicSuperstars PC Bug TripDoubleJumpAnimation.png

If any of the Jump buttons are held when Trip enters a Giant Ring during a Double Jump, her animation upon returning from the Special Stage will be displayed incorrectly for the duration of the title card.

Fixed in v1.1.

No Ring drain when Super

When transforming into a Super form, pressing L1+R1 (PS4/PS5)/Left Bumper+Right Bumper (XB1)/L+R (Switch) to cancel Super during a specific frame of the transformation animation will keep the player's character super, but trick the game into thinking the Super form has been cancelled, thus preventing the player from losing Rings.

YouTube video showing the bug in action.

Fixed in v1.1.

Duplicate characters in Time Attack

SonicSuperstars PC Bug TimeAttackDuplication1.png
SonicSuperstars PC Bug TimeAttackDuplication2.png

In Time Attack mode, hold the Quick Restart button, then quickly pause the game and choose to restart, then press Start when choosing "Yes". If done correctly, the game will load two duplicate characters instead of one. The second character can be controlled by player 1, and both characters behave as if the game is being played in co-op. When this bug is peformed with Tails, unusual behaviours can occur when flying due to his ability to carry players in co-op, such as the duplicate Tails ending up in the background or foreground.

When finishing a level in this state, the duplicate character will not enter their victory animation and can still be controlled on the results screen.

YouTube video showing the bug in action.

Fixed in v1.1.

Comic-style skin shading

SonicSuperstars PC Bug ComicSkins.png

The downloadable comic-style skins have shading issues when playing specific animations, causing characters to become black all over. Some examples include grabbing onto the vines in Speed Jungle Zone or jumping while escorting Trip in the giant fruit section of Lagoon City Zone Act Amy.

Fixed in v1.1.

Epic Games login prompt (Steam only)

As a consequence of Sonic Superstars supporting cross-platform play for Battle Mode, the Steam version of Sonic Superstars was intially released with a login prompt for an Epic Games account every time whenever the user launched the game. A news update was posted about the bug on October 20, 2023[1].

Fixed in a patch released on October 20, 2023. The login prompt now only appears when attempting to play Battle Mode online[2].

Level-specific bugs

Press Factory Zone

Die from the screen boundary as Super Trip

SonicSuperstars PC Bug PressFactory2 SuperTripDeath1.png
SonicSuperstars PC Bug PressFactory2 SuperTripDeath2.png

When fighting the boss of Act 2, flying into the left boundary of the screen as Super Trip will kill her instantly.

Not fixed in any version.

Last Story

Die during cutscenes

Various factors remain active whenever cutscenes occur during the battle against the Black Dragon, the most common which is that the player's Rings are still deducted, while a less common situation is being sucked into a black hole when transitioning to the second phase[3]. Such cases can get the player killed during the cutscene, causing the fight to restart from the beginning.

Not fixed in any version.

Boss skips

Some of the bosses can be skipped using certain characters and Emerald Powers to go out of bounds.

Speed Jungle Zone Act 2


As any character, stand before the Star Post just before the boss and use Bullet to dash into the ceiling above. If entering at just the right angle, the character will clip through the ceiling and can dash over the boss arena.

YouTube video showing the bug in action.

Not fixed in any version.

Sky Temple Zone

SonicSuperstars PC Bug SkyTemple BossSkip1.png
Fly into the top-right corner...
SonicSuperstars PC Bug SkyTemple BossSkip2.png
...until you pass through...
SonicSuperstars PC Bug SkyTemple BossSkip3.png
...and skip the boss!
SonicSuperstars PC Bug SkyTemple BossSkip4.png
What the...?

As any character, start the boss fight as normal, then when the platforms appear climb to the top and then have either Tails fly into the top-right corner of the screen as high as he can, or have any other character use Bullet to climb as high as possible. With enough height, the character can leave the boundary on the right and fall safely down onto the Capsule. The boss will still be active during the results and the following cutscene and will cause the camera to move about, but the Act will still end regardless.

YouTube video showing the bug in action.

Fixed in v1.1.

Sand Sanctuary Zone

SonicSuperstars PC Bug SandSanctuary BossSkip1.png
Spin Dash to the left here...
SonicSuperstars PC Bug SandSanctuary BossSkip2.png
...and cling to this wall.
SonicSuperstars PC Bug SandSanctuary BossSkip3.png
Transform here...
SonicSuperstars PC Bug SandSanctuary BossSkip4.png
...and zoom to the right.

As Trip, have Super ready just before approaching the boss, then Spin Dash to the left and immediately Double Jump into the wall near the top of the screen to cling to it. Jump up as close to the top boundary as possible and transform into Super Tripm then fly to the right. If high enough, Super Trip will fly towards the top-right at a faster speed than normal, possibly flying over the boss entirely.

Alternatively, any other character can skip the boss by using Bullet just before the final sand slide and clip through the nearest ceiling.

YouTube video showing the bug in action.
YouTube video 2.

Fixed in v1.1.

Press Factory Zone Act 2


As any character, activate Bullet just before approaching the boss and climb the wall all the way to the top, then when on top of the wall, get enough speed and jump off the right as far as possible. With enough distance, the boss can be skipped.

YouTube video showing the bug in action.

Fixed in v1.05. A boundary lock was added to prevent this skip.

Golden Capital Zone Act 1

SonicSuperstars PC Bug GoldenCapital1 BossSkip1.png
Wait here when Ivy is active.
SonicSuperstars PC Bug GoldenCapital1 BossSkip2.png
Aim the vine like this and jump into the corner.
SonicSuperstars PC Bug GoldenCapital1 BossSkip3.png
Drop down...
SonicSuperstars PC Bug GoldenCapital1 BossSkip4.png
...and escape to the right past the boss.

As any character, activate Ivy before dropping down the shaft that leads to the mini-boss, then backtrack to the bottom of the ramp to the left of the Star Post. Wait until about one third of Ivy's timer is left, then grow a vine and carefully aim it so it wedges the character into the corner of the wall and jump, then drop down past the mini-boss. While most characters can use their abilities to move to the right and reach the Goal Plate, Sonic will need to use Bullet to get out of the wall.

YouTube video showing the bug in action.

Not fixed in any version.

Golden Capital Zone Act 2

SonicSuperstars PC Bug GoldenCapital2 BossSkip1.png
Go through here.
SonicSuperstars PC Bug GoldenCapital2 BossSkip2.png
Then ride the platform freely...
SonicSuperstars PC Bug GoldenCapital2 BossSkip3.png
...and through the boundaries.

As any character, upon reaching the second floating platform section that will lead to the boss, carefully jump to the left of the starting platform and using a character skill or Emerald Power if needed (most difficult to do with Sonic), then drop down to the ramp below and ride on the floating platform. This will allow the platform to ignore the auto-scrolling section, allowing the player to go out of bounds. By moving in certain directions the player will be able to reach the capsule.

A side-effect of this skip is that the floating platform will persist even in the cutscene that follows.

Fixed in v1.1.

Frozen Base Zone Act 1

SonicSuperstars PC Bug FrozenBase1 BossSkip1.png
Ring Roll into here...
SonicSuperstars PC Bug FrozenBase1 BossSkip2.png
...then become Super Trip.
SonicSuperstars PC Bug FrozenBase1 BossSkip3.png
Fly over with ease.

As Trip, have Super ready and stand in front of the yeti that is holding up the ceiling, then Double Jump into the corner of the ceiling to go inside it with Ring Rolling. Transform into Super Trip, then fly to the top-right as far as possible, flying over the mini-boss entirely.

YouTube video showing the bug in action.

Fixed in v1.1.

Egg Fortress Zone Act 2

SonicSuperstars PC Bug EggFortress2 BossSkip1.png
Wait here for the platform to reach the bottom.
SonicSuperstars PC Bug EggFortress2 BossSkip2.png
Dash over through space...
SonicSuperstars PC Bug EggFortress2 BossSkip3.png around this point.
SonicSuperstars PC Bug EggFortress2 BossSkip4.png
A hidden capsule!

As Knuckles or Trip, have Bullet ready and reach the final spinning shaft section, then cling to the wall just below the door after starting the spinning platform and let Knuckles scroll off-screen. When the platform reaches the bottom, activate Bullet and dash directly to the left as far as possible until Knuckles/Trip reaches the left boundary of the level, then carefully drop down to land on an off-screen Capsule that normally cannot be accessed during regular gameplay. If not careful, it is possible to miss the Capsule and fall into an infinite void, forcing a restart.

Continuing to the ending after performing this skip will crash the game, however pressing "Play Again" on the results tally and exiting the stage will still count it as cleared and unlock Trip's Story.

Other characters can also perform this skip, however it is more difficult due to their lack of ability to cling to walls.

YouTube video showing the bug in action.

Fixed in v1.1.


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