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Bonus Stage
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Bonus Stage
Special Zone, Sonic Superstars
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The Bonus Stage in Sonic Superstars is based off the Special Stages from the original Sonic the Hedgehog and a concept from an unused bonus stage for Sonic the Hedgehog CD. To access it, the player(s) must pass a Star Post with at least 50 Rings, which will then make a Bonus GateMedia:Sonic Superstars Web Manual EN.pdf[4] appear above it. Jumping into the Bonus Gate before it disappears will then transport the player(s) to the Bonus Stage.


Much like its inspiration, the Bonus Stage has the player(s) navigate a rotating two-dimensional maze by rolling around and jumping in a constant spinning state, and will fall downward if unimpeded. Of course, the player(s) can only jump from solid objects. Each Bonus Stage layout has three layers, and the player(s) must reach the Medal at the end of each layer to advance to the next, with the Bonus Stage ending should the player(s) collect the third Medal, or fall into a Goal Block. The player(s) can also collect Rings in the maze, with a fourth Medal awarded for collecting at least 100. Collecting every single Ring in the Bonus Stage will award a Perfect Bonus of 10,000 points.

In co-op play, all players will move through the maze simultaneously, and any players that fall behind will be warped to the leading player. If a player lands in a Goal Block, they will be removed from the maze, but will come back if any of the surviving players make it to the next layer. The results screen displayed at the end will also denote which Medal was collected by which player.

There are 12 Bonus Stage layouts in the game, and the next layout in sequence will only be loaded if at least one Medal was collected in the previous visit, otherwise the same layout is played again. When all of the layouts have been played, the game will loop back to the first layout.


Square blocks are solid, and form the perimeter and main layout of the stage.
Goal BlockMedia:Sonic Superstars Web Manual EN.pdf[4]: Removes a player from the maze, and ends the Bonus Stage if all players fall in.
Diamond: Rolling against them for varying durations of time (dependent on their colour) will cause them to disappear. Cannot be jumped from.
Bumper: Players bounce off these on contact.
Jump Stand: Much like squares, but not limited to the maze's perimeter, players can use these solid blocks to halt downward movement and as launching points for jumps.
Up: Makes the maze rotate faster. Turns into a Down block afterwards.
Down: Makes the maze rotate slower. Turns into an Up block afterwards.
Reverse: Striking this causes the direction of the stage's rotation to be reversed.
Wall toggle: Toggles the state of green and red squares.
"T": Causes the pink squares to shift around, altering the layout of the maze.
"S": Reveals the stage layout when touched.


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