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Magazine Previews

Before Sonic 2 went gold, many preview pictures of Sonic 2 appeared in magazines. Here we'll examine some of those pictures and see if there's any discrepancy with the final Sonic 2 or the prototype we have.

Each picture is examined and then declared as mock-up, earlier prototype, or newer prototype. Screenshots that appear to be from the same prototype as the one we have are not listed here because they're not particularly interesting.

Click on a thumbnail for a detail analysis.

# Screenshot Description Conclusion
M01 Magazine Preview #01
Mag compare1a.jpg
A Hidden Palace picture that showed up on various magazines. Mock-up
M02 Magazine Preview #02
Mag compare2a.jpg
Another Hidden Palace picture, this time showing Sonic zipping through a green tube. Newer Prototype
M03 Magazine Preview #03
Mag compare3a.jpg
The only picture featuring a desert level in Sonic 2. Mock-up
M04 Magazine Preview #04
Mag compare4a.jpg
An off-centered Sonic in Emerald Hill. Mock-up
M05 Magazine Preview #05
Mag gamepro 3.jpg
Mystic Cave Zone. Newer Prototype
M06 Magazine Preview #06
Mag compare6a.jpg
Sonic and Tails Spin Dashing up a slope in Casino Night Zone. Newer Prototype
M07 Magazine Preview #07
Sonic2 MD Development HPZ 02.jpg
Sonic and Tails in a later Hidden Palace Newer Prototype
M08 Magazine Preview #08
Mag compare8a.png
Prototype title screen right in your Sonic 2 manual. Beta 4
M09 Magazine Preview #09
Mag compare9a.gif
Hill Top Zone featuring green balls on the seesaws. Nick Arcade Prototype
M10 Magazine Preview #10
Mag compare10a.jpg
Level select with some zones added and removed. Beta 4
M11 Magazine Preview #11
Mag compare11a.jpg
Sonic lying down in Wood Zone. Newer Prototype
M12 Magazine Preview #12
Mag compare12a.jpg
Neo Green H-something Zone. Newer Prototype
M13 Magazine Preview #13
Mag compare13a.jpg
A newer Hidden Palace. Newer Prototype
M14 Magazine Preview #14
Mag compare14a.jpg
Two-player split-screen in Emerald Hill. Tails has hybrid icon. Newer Prototype
M15 Magazine Preview #15
Mag compare15a.jpg
Boss landing straight down as Tails flies. From the same prototype as above. Newer Prototype
M16 Magazine Preview #16
Mag compare16a.jpg
Sonic displaying final ledge animation. From the same prototype as above. Newer Prototype
M17 Magazine Preview #17
Mag compare17a.jpg
Sonic displaying final running animation. From the same prototype as above. Newer Prototype
M18 Magazine Preview #18
Mag compare18a.jpg
Newer Aquatic Ruins Zone. Newer Prototype
M19 Magazine Preview #19
Mag compare19a.jpg
Prototype Special Stage. Newer Prototype
M20 Magazine Preview #20
Mag gamepro 2.jpg
Title screen for the GamePro prototype. Newer Prototype
M21 Magazine Preview #21
Mag compare21a.jpg
2P mode of the GamePro prototype, showing Tails having Sonic's icon. Newer Prototype
M22 Magazine Preview #22
Mag compare22a.jpg
Sonic in a spinning net. Newer Prototype
M23 Magazine Preview #23
Mag compare23a.jpg
Exploding prototype EHZ boss. Newer Prototype
M24 Magazine Preview #24
Mag compare24a.jpg
Final Sonic sprites in the GamePro prototype. Newer Prototype
M25 Magazine Preview #25
Sonic2 MD Development EHZ2P 08.jpg
Extra score counters and linked ring counts in manual shot. Newer Prototype

Putting all the little pieces together, we can construct a timeline showing which prototypes come first.