Lost Sprites and Tiles

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Lost Sprites and Tiles

Thanks to the science of hacking, sprites and tiles that are hidden in the prototype ROM file can be recovered. Note that some palettes may be incorrect!

Sprite/Tile Nicknames Hex Address Discovered By
Spr spring.gif Spring monitor ? <Too long ago>
It's rumored that this would attach a spring under Sonic's shoes, like in Sonic Triple Trouble. Spr ttspring.png
Spr fish.png Fish, Piranha $7B4EA Esrael
Spr 3eyefish.png Bubbler's Mother, Three-eyed Fish, Tri-eye, Blinky $7C0C6 Esrael
This multi-eyed creature would drop Bubbler onto the ground in Chemical Plant Zone, as illustrated by the concept art.
Spr bubble.gif Bubbler $7C2F2 Esrael
This lump of bubbles would appear in Chemical Plant Zone and burst when Sonic is near. According to concept art, it is supposed to be purple in color. This enemy would be dropped by Bubbler's Mother.
Spr bouncer.gif Bouncer, Crawl $7C710 Esrael
Spr crocobot.gif Crocobot $7A11A Esrael
Spr trycerobot.png Trycerobot, Rhinobot $7AD18 Esrael
Spr seahorse2.png OOZ Seahorse $7B9E2 Esrael
The seahorses shoot oil balls at Sonic when approached. Their behavior can be seen in Esrael's hack, Sonic 2 Delta.
Spr octopus.gif OOZ Octopus $7A9F8 Esrael
This is not your usual octopus seen in OOZ. When it sees Sonic, it fires a glowing bullet and then quickly flies away horizontally. Again, this can be seen in Esrael's hack. The palette shown here is wrong—the octopus looks pink, as usual, under OOZ's palette.
Spr lamppost.gif Lamppost, Restart point $79278 <viewable via debug>
Spr fireball.gif Fireball, Log on fire $7436C Nemesis
Possibly part of a burning bridge after destroyed by yet another scrapped enemy, the Bee.

"I'm not entirely sure if this is a fireball or a burning log. The main area in the center that's black uses the second colour on the palette line, which is a dull colour on every palette in the beta, rather than an intense red that you would expect." ― Nemesis

Spr ball.gif Ball $7BE30 Esrael
This ball is believed to supposedly bounce and crush Sonic.
Spr hpzbg.png HPZ alpha background backdrop $2B06A BMF54123
EveryNameWasTaken noticed this thing matches with the holes in the background of the mock-up Hidden Palace picture. Click here for more info.
Spr drills left.gifSpr drills up.gif Drill, Rotating screw $2A86A Dr. Ivo
Spr splash.gif Splashing rock $4B76C Dr. Ivo
Spr flame.gif Flame anchored on brick wall $4E86A Dr. Ivo
"You know that one with the fire in the pot against the stone wall? That actually wasn't compiled in our version of the rom, but is merely left over from a previous build." ― Nemesis, ROM Hacker @ Area 51 phpBB (defunct)

These two tiles do not belong to a Sonic game. Click here for more info.

Spr cpzboss.gif Lost CPZ Boss, Splattered Robotnik $7D3DA Knuckles Prower
It's possible that this sprite would be displayed when Robotnik is hit or defeated in CPZ.
Spr ledge.gif Sonic ledge animation ? ?
Spr missingsprites.png Sonic sitting down, rotating, and pulling ? Scott Prower
The sitting down sprites were later discovered to be remnants of a scrapped "bounce back after running into the wall" animation fully used in the Nick Arcade prototype.

While it's quick to browse through the list of pictures, remember these discoveries are made possible by hackers who spent hours and hours to dissect and study the ROM image. My thanks go to everybody in the Sonic Hacking scene.