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Esrael is one of the best hackers that this scene has ever seen. He is well-known for:

Sonic 2 Delta

After a long absence from activity within the Sonic community, Esrael returned to Sonic Retro’s forums in May of 2012 with
Sonic Retro
a large update to Sonic 2 Delta
and contributed many posts including updates to Delta, guides on how to implement
Sonic Retro
many bug-fixes and other additional features for Sonic 2
, and the release of his ROM and his disassembly of revision 02 of Sonic 2 from Sonic Classics.

Neto Boot Loader

After another long hiatus, Esrael returned in 2018 to show his latest work, the Neto Boot Loader, a full replacement OS replacing the Firecore OS for both TecToy and AtGames systems that corrects emulation bugs within certain games, the bad sound emulation, and adds SRAM saving support to various games.

External links

Esrael Sonic Hacking H.P. – Esrael’s Sonic hacking site (written in Brazilian Portuguese), which features hacking notes, tools, and his Delta series of hacks.