Night Carnival Zone

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Sonic Rush
Night Carnival Zone
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Not to be confused with the Carnival Night Zone of Sonic 3.
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Night Carnival Zone
4th (Sonic), 1st (Blaze) level, Sonic Rush
Number of Acts: 3
Level theme: carnival/casino

Night Carnival Zone is a level in the Nintendo DS game Sonic Rush. It is the fourth zone for Sonic and first zone for Blaze. It takes place in a carnival at night, just like the other Carnival zones in other Sonic games. The audio theme of Night Carnival varies by character. The Zone is not related to Carnival Night Zone, save for the fact that they are both casino/ amusement park themed levels. The zone is filled with switches that light up rails or platforms, allowing Sonic or Blaze to grind/ walk on them.

Much like Sonic the Hedgehog 2's Casino Night Zone, this zone occasionally has signs of the main characters, in this case Sonic and Blaze. Unlike Sonic 2, however, Blaze doesn't live on Earth.


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