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Sonic Prime episode #1
Season: 1
Original airdate:
Country: United States
The Yoke's on You
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"Shattered" is the first episode of Sonic Prime. It follows Sonic's adventures after he shattered the Paradox Prism.


Sonic was running through Green Hill, passing Big the Cat on his way to the current battle with Dr. Eggman for the Paradox Prism. Miles "Tails" Prower, Knuckles the Echidna, Amy Rose and Rouge the Bat are already there fighting the Badnik army. Eggman plans to use the Prism's power to modernize South Island into something more to his liking. When Eggman picks up the gem Sonic tries to stop him with a Homing Attack despite warnings from his friends. This action breaks the Prism, creating the Shatterverse.

When Sonic wakes up, he's in New Yoke City. A parallel world where a city was built on top of Green Hill. Here the world is ruled by the Chaos Council, a group of different versions of Eggman, led by Mr. Dr. Eggman. After Sonic has a battle with the local robots, he has a flashback to his last battle with Eggman back home. Eggman tricked Sonic into helping him with his Eggcrusher. Tails realized when flying above the battle in the Tornado that Eggman is not in the mech suit but is piloting it remotely. Inside the Eggcrusher was a speed amplifier. When Sonic hit the mech it created a blast of power so big it caused an earthquake, making it easier to get the Paradox Prism, otherwise Eggman would have had to dig for months.

In Tails' Workshop, the duo discuss the fight and Rouge tells them what she thinks happened. She tells them she had been searching for years for the Paradox Prism and that it's buried deep in the Green Hill bedrock. At the mountain Eggman begins excavating the cave with Orbot and Cubot.

Cutting back the the present, Sonic does battle with Dr. Babble, the youngest member of the Chaos Council. After taking care of the evil baby, Sonic meets an alternate version of Tails named Nine. This Miles doesn't trust Sonic and the two fight, but once when Sonic saves him from a train they take a moment to talk. Sonic tells him the story of how they first met, showing a flashback to Sonic Origins, while Nine tells him how things happened in his timeline. He developed extra robotic tails to fight back against the bullies in a world without Sonic. Nine also sees that Sonic has strange energy flowing through his body and decides to give him a regulator for it. This device gives Sonic's gloves and shoes a new look. Sonic goes outside to test his new shoes out but him and Nine are caught by Dr. Babble. Alternate versions of Rouge and Knuckles watch this from a distance.

Inside the Chaos Council's base Sonic meets a version of Amy that has been turned into a robot, named Rusty Rose. Then the entire council appears from the shadows. They are Dr. Babble, Dr. Deep, Dr. Don't, Dr. Done-It and Mr. Dr. Eggman. The council decide to test Sonic to find out where he comes from and learn about the energy within him. They were inconclusive, with his maximum level remaining unknown. When Sonic was running in a sphere, he charges up lots of energy, and hears Shadow's voice. Sonic then recalls his battle with Shadow after causing the earthquake on Green Hill.

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