Chaos Council

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Chaos Council
First seen: Sonic Prime (2022)
Series: Sonic Prime
Members: Mr. Dr. Eggman, Dr. Done-It, Dr. Deep, Dr. Don't, Dr. Babble
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The Chaos Council is a group of five different versions of Dr. Eggman who rule New Yoke City together that planned to conquer the entire Shatterverse.


The exact origins of the Chaos Council are unknown. All that is known is that they transformed Green Hill into a mechanical nightmare they dub New Yoke City and divided it into multiple sectors for them to each watch over with their Egg-forcers. They used the prismatic energy of a shard of the Paradox Prism to power their city and robots. Later on, they used Prism shards to travel to other shatter spaces. Eventually, they were defeated by Sonic the Hedgehog when he used the power of the prism to transform into Shatter Sonic. They later teamed up with Sonic against Tails Nine, before they tried to take the Paradox Prism one last time.

Game appearances

While they have not physically appeared in Sonic Speed Simulator, their presence is felt throughout New Yoke City as Rebel Rouge and the rest of the Resistance battle against the council's control.[1]

Sonic Prime Dash also features New Yoke City and a boss battle with Dr. Babble.[2]