Tails Nine

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Tails Nine
First seen: Sonic Prime (2023)
Species: Fox
Gender: Male
Base character: Miles "Tails" Prower
Series: Sonic Prime
First seen: "Shattered"

Tails Nine, also known as simply Nine, is a major antagonist from the animated series Sonic Prime. He is an alternate version of Miles "Tails" Prower who lives underground alone in New Yoke City.

Personality and traits

Nine is seen as lonely; he prefers to work alone rather than with anyone. He demonstrates a great appreciation for mechanics and technology, similar to his counterpart from Green Hill. He shows a remembrance to his sour life in New Yoke City.


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Nine grew up in the streets of New Yoke City, alone and bullied for having two tails. Due to Sonic not existing in New Yoke, Nine was traumatised and created a mechanical set of tails to help defend himself. He lived in his private laboratory alone, until he met Sonic in the events of the first episode, Shattered. Nine created regulators to stabilize Sonic so he could properly exist within the Shatterverse. Nine later discovered that Sonic was filled with the same energy that powered the city.[1]

Game appearances

Sonic Dash

Nine was added to Sonic Dash to tie-in with the premiere of Sonic Prime alongside Thorn Rose, In the event that took place during the series' premier, Nine could be unlocked by collecting 150 Tokens. He is still present and playable in the game, but can only be purchased with real currency.

Sonic Forces: Speed Battle

Nine was introduced to Sonic Forces: Speed Battle in a similar matter to Sonic Dash, requiring 300 cards to be unlocked in this case.

Sonic Speed Simulator

Nine could be obtained during the Sonic Prime premiere event in the Mission "Gotta Snow Fast" on New Yoke City by collecting 150,000 cookies.



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