The Yoke's on You

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Sonic Prime episode #2
"The Yoke's on You"
Season: 1
Country: United States
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2022-12-15  ? ?
Shattered | Escape from New Yoke
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"The Yoke's on You" is the second episode of Sonic Prime.


Shadow runs around Green Hill looking for the green Chaos Emerald. Once he found it, he used Chaos Control to teleport. Shadow soon starts to feel the ground rumbling underneath him and is hit by the energy wave created by Sonic's supercharged Spin Dash. While being hit by the energy, Shadow saw a vision of the future after Sonic creates the Shatterverse. Before Sonic can finish gathering Rings, Shadow encounters him and starts a fight. The two hedgehogs are both stubborn and won’t explain anything to each other while Flickies watch. An explosion on the mountain goes off that interrupts their fighting.

Back in the present time, the citizens of New Yoke City are being told to report any sightings of Sonic. Rebel Rouge and Renegade Knucks talk about the blue streak and Tails Nine before they are called back to their HQ. Once they got there, they watch a video of Sonic talking about Green Hill, which reminds them of life before the Chaos Council took over. They decide that they need to rescue the blue guy after seeing this. Meanwhile, the Chaos Council stress tests the hedgehog to see how powerful he is. When seeing Sonic run, Nine comments that Sonic has the same energy that powers the city. As Sonic runs through the spear the council placed him in, the energy builds up and creates a flash of light that knocks out the city's electrical systems. Rouge and Knucks uses this as an opportunity to go in after Sonic. Soon enough however the council's systems return back online and they start questioning what happened. Once they all realize the power Sonic has, they prepare to use their energy extractor on him. Sonic then gives them a speech to distract them, hoping Nine will do something to help. Nine ends up doing nothing but Rouge shows up just intime to save Sonic. Rouge and Knucks start battling Rusty Rose and the Egg-forcers. During the commotion, Nine uses the computer to release his and Sonic's electronic handcuffs. The battle continues on until Rose has Sonic in her hands, ready to knock him out.

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