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Special Stage
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Special Stage
Special Zone, Sonic Advance 3
Number of Acts: 7
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The Special Stage in Sonic Advance 3 is an enclosed area resembling an upside-down half-pipe and a large checkered field. To get to the Special Stage, the player must collect all the Chao scattered across each Zone, and then find a Special Key in any of the Zone's Acts that will grant them access to it. Once collected, they must finish the Act to keep the key, then they can bring it to the Special Spring somewhere in the corresponding Zone Map.


In the Special Stage, the player will be flying overhead on the wings of the Tornado 2, and they will have to collect enough Rings in order to get the Chaos Emerald, similar to the flying Special Stages of Sonic Triple Trouble. While on the Tornado 2, the player is free to move around with Left and Right, and jump with the A button. Each Special Stage has two segments for the player to go through, and failing to collect enough Rings before the end of a segment will expel the player empty-handed.

Win or lose, the Special Key is gone once the player returns from the Special Stage, meaning they will need to find another key if they wish to attempt the Special Stage again.


  • Rings - The player needs to grab enough Rings to collect a Chaos Emerald.
  • Ring boosters - Flying through them will make the Tornado 2 transform, increasing its speed and doubling the amount of Rings the player collects for a few seconds.
  • Bombs - Hitting these will make the player lose 5 Rings from their total amount.
  • Missile Badniks - These missile-like Badniks will try to ram into the player or shoot projectiles at them. They can be destroyed with a Spin Jump for bonus Rings.
  • Chaos Emerald - If enough Rings are collected, a Chaos Emerald will be earned. Collect all 7 to unlock the extra Zone: Nonaggression.

List of Special Stages

Stage Screenshot Ring goals Chaos Emerald Associated Zone
Part 1 Part 2
Sonic Adv3 SP stage.PNG
Get 80 rings Get 160 rings
SonicAdvance3 GBA Sprite Emeralds.png
Route 99
SonicAdvance3 GBA SpecialStage2.png
Get 80 rings Get 160 rings
SonicAdvance3 GBA Sprite Emeralds.png
Sunset Hill
SonicAdvance3 GBA SpecialStage3.png
Get 90 rings Get 180 rings
SonicAdvance3 GBA Sprite Emeralds.png
Ocean Base
SonicAdvance3 GBA SpecialStage4.png
Get 90 rings Get 180 rings
SonicAdvance3 GBA Sprite Emeralds.png
Toy Kingdom
SonicAdvance3 GBA SpecialStage5.png
Get 100 rings Get 200 rings
SonicAdvance3 GBA Sprite Emeralds.png
Twinkle Snow
SonicAdvance3 GBA SpecialStage6.png
Get 110 rings Get 220 rings
SonicAdvance3 GBA Sprite Emeralds.png
Cyber Track
SonicAdvance3 GBA SpecialStage7.png
Get 120 rings Get 260 rings
SonicAdvance3 GBA Sprite Emeralds.png
Chaos Angel

Special Stage Mode

The Special Stage Mode option on the main menu.

When all 7 Chaos Emeralds have been collected, the player can then press Up R Down L Right Left on the main menu to unlock "Special Stage Mode". In this mode, the player plays through all 7 Special Stages consecutively as Sonic. If the player fails a Special Stage, the game is over, and the player can retry from the first Special Stage or return to the main menu.

If the player needs to see the button code again, they can press Left while highlighting "Options" on the main menu.


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