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SCHG: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Simon Wai prototype)
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This is the Sonic Community Hacking Guide for Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Simon Wai Prototype. Originally based on the various notes and guides of Esrael, Nayr, ICEknight, Nemesis, saxman, and Super Egg.


Pieces of the guide not big enough for their own page should be left here.

ASCII Binary commands

  • init - initializes big jobs like palettes, sprites, tiles, etc.
  • 4XF9XXXXXXXX - (Hex) Jump to address (ie 4EF90048044 would be Jmp $48044)

Binary map

Incomplete and disorganized.. credit to Nemesis, ICEknight, Esrael, saxman, Nayr

Location Significance
0-FF Vector table
100-200 Header
15FA-???? Programming to do wih decompression of art tiles to VRAM
5E8-B07 Standard numbers/symbols
2264-24A1 Unknown palettes
2516-2595 Unknown palette
28A6-28E1 Unknown palette
294E-2A15 Palette pointers
2A16 SEGA screen palette (00)
2A96 Title screen palette (01)
2B16 Level select palette (02)
2B96 Primary palette line (03)
2BB6 EHZ level palette (04, 05, 07, 0D, 12, 14)
2C16 WZ level palette (06)
2C76 MTZ level palette (08, 09)
2CD6 HTZ level palette (0B)
2D36 HPZ level palette (0C)
2D96 HPZ underwater palette (15)
2E16 OOZ level palette (0E)
2E76 MCZ level palette (0F)
2ED6 CNZ level palette (10)
2F36 06 level palette (0A)
2F96 CPZ level palette (11)
2FF6 CPZ underwater palette (15)
3076 ARZ level palette (13)
30D6 ARZ underwater palette (16)
3156 Sonic 1 special stage palette (17)
3AD4-3B07 Level select level order
4140-4150 Music playlist for levels
4AAA-4ADB Function to load collision index into ram
4ADC-4B63 Pointers to collision indexes
5986-5A95 Level size array
5A96-5B01 Code for initial character and screen placement
5B02-5B89 Character start location array
5E16-5E37 Offset index of rasterised layer deformation
5E38 Title screen layer deformation info
5E5C EHZ layer deformation info
5F60 EHZ 2 player splitscreen layer deformation info
6098 WZ layer deformation info
60D0 MTZ layer deformation info
6108 HTZ layer deformation info
6236 Unknown layer deformation info (foreground free moving, background fixed)
62B4 Unknown layer deformation info (splitscreen, background fixed vertically, no deformation)
6344 HPZ layer deformation info
640A OOZ layer deformation info
6442 MCZ layer deformation info
6554 Unknown layer deformation info (splitscreen, background fixed horizontally, no deformation)
67AE CNZ layer deformation info
67F2 Unknown layer deformation info (splitscreen, background fixed vertically, no deformation)
687C CPZ layer deformation info
6982 ARZ layer deformation info
6A70 01, 03, 06, 09, 0E, 10 layer deformation info
7FDC Bridge (sprite)
85F8 ??????? (sprite)
8B9C ??????? (sprite)
8D38 Fixed large platform from CPZ (sprite)
9128 Collapsing platform from OOZ (sprite)
9274 Breakaway platform made up of small blocks from MZ in S1 (sprite)
999C ??????? (sprite)
9A54 ??????? (sprite)
9C0C ??????? (sprite)
9CE2 ??????? (sprite)
A012 ??????? (sprite)
A086 Explosion giving off 100 points and an animal (sprite)
A11E Red explosion (sprite)
A2B0 ??????? (sprite)
A7C0 100 points (sprite)
AC28 ??????? (sprite)
AD62 Ring spray (sprite)
B29C ??????? (sprite)
B46A Contents of computer monitor flying up (sprite)
B7B4 ??????? (sprite)
B83A ??????? (sprite)
BB54 ??????? (sprite)
BD76 Game over text (sprite)
BE38 ??????? (sprite)
BF9A-BFDD Main game level order
C944 Spikes (sprite)
CD00 Unknown (a block)
CD7C ??????? (sprite)
D01A-D249 Sprite programming pointers
D24A ??????? (sprite)
E7B8 Horizontal red spring (sprite)
F10C ??????? (sprite)
F1F4 Signpost (sprite)
FC48 Sonic (sprite)
10E38 Tails (sprite)
11F96 ??????? (sprite)
1207C ??????? (sprite)
125CE ??????? (sprite)
1264E ??????? (sprite)
12B42 ??????? (sprite)
13B54 Starpoll (sprite)
13DFC ??????? (sprite)
144B0 ??????? (sprite)
148AC ??????? (sprite)
149FC ??????? (sprite)
14AFC ??????? (sprite)
14B78 ??????? (sprite)
15090 ??????? (sprite)
15352 ??????? (sprite)
155A0 ??????? (sprite)
1561A ??????? (sprite)
1572C ??????? (sprite)
15B8C See-saw (sprite)
1600C Diagnally moving and falling platform from HTZ (sprite)
1621C Large platform from CPZ moving from side to side (sprite)
16468 Boosters from CPZ (sprite)
165B0 ??????? (sprite)
16724 Spin-tube from CPZ (sprite)
17174 ??????? (sprite)
1747C ??????? (sprite)
1768A Cap on top of spin tubes in CPZ (sprite)
17A4C ??????? (sprite)
17CA0 Platform on top of oil burners from OOZ (sprite)
17F0C Spikeball from OOZ (sprite)
180D0 ??????? (sprite)
181A0 Weird spring that you push back on from OOZ (sprite)
18ABE Ball on weird spring from OOZ (sprite)
18D9C Button (sprite)
18E78 Block that propells Sonic when he busts it from OOZ (sprite)
19250 Spinball that shoots character out 90 degrees from entry from OOZ (sprite)
19660 Arrow shooter from ARZ (sprite)
19850 Piller that drops lower half in ARZ (sprite)
19A1E Raising pillar from ARZ (sprite)
1A0C4 ??????? (sprite)
1A30C Weird spring from ARZ and CPZ (sprite)
1A5CC Steam vent from MTZ (sprite)
1A8B4 ??????? (sprite)
1AA74 ??????? (sprite)
1AEBC ??????? (sprite)
1B0C4 Warp tube from MTZ (sprite)
1B520 Block in MTZ with a spike coming out each side sequentially (sprite)
1B810 Nut that character moves by running on in MTZ (sprite)
1BA30 ??????? (sprite)
1BCEC ??????? (sprite)
1BF6C ??????? (sprite)
1B720 Floor spike in MTZ (sprite)
1C2E4 Platform moving in circle (sprite)
1C4F8 Diagnally moving platform from MTZ (sprite)
1C850 ??????? (sprite)
1CBCC ??????? (sprite)
1CC54 ??????? (sprite)
1CE48 ??????? (sprite)
1D078 Moving spikey arm from MCZ (sprite)
1D208 ??????? (sprite)
1D3C0 Lowering stairs from CPZ (sprite)
1D594 ??????? (sprite)
1D74C Spring on spin tube cap from CPZ (sprite)
1D984 Driving badnick from EHZ (sprite)
1DC54 ??????? (sprite)
1DEAC Bubble enemy (sprite)
1E010 ??????? (sprite)
1E62C ??????? (sprite)
1E89C Buzz bomber (sprite)
1EBB8 Octopus badnick from OOZ (sprite)
1EE68 Bat (sprite)
1F2F0 Alligator (sprite)
1F5E8 Jumping fish from EHZ (sprite)
1F6E8 ??????? (sprite)
1F99C ??????? (sprite)
1FC0A ??????? (sprite)
2030C ??????? (sprite)
205A6 ??????? (sprite)
20740 ??????? (sprite)
20E5C ??????? (sprite)
21D40 ??????? (sprite)
223E2 ??????? (sprite)
22408 Offset index of animated pattern and dynamic pattern load cue's
2244C 01/WZ/03/06/09/MCZ/CNZ/GCZ/DEZ dynamic pattern load cue
2244E HTZ dynamic pattern load cue
22630 EHZ/HPZ/MTZ/OOZ/CPZ/ARZ dynamic pattern load cue
22698 EHZ animated pattern load cue (4)
226FC MTZ animated pattern load cue (5)
22754 HTZ animated pattern load cue (4)
227B8 HPZ animated pattern load cue (2)
227E4 OOZ animated pattern load cue (4)
2282A CPZ animated pattern load cue (0)
22866 01/WZ/03/06/09/MCZ/CNZ/GCZ/DEZ animated pattern load cue (empty)
229A2 Offset index of misc sprite definitions
229C4 EHZ/HTZ misc sprite definitions
22A40 MTZ misc sprite definitions
22B14 HPZ misc sprite definitions
22C08 OOZ misc sprite definitions
22C6C CNZ misc sprite definitions
22D10 CPZ misc sprite definitions
22D1C ARZ misc sprite definitions
22D60 01/WZ/03/06/09/MCZ/GCZ/DEZ misc sprite definitions
22DFC Onscreen display (lives/score/time/rings) (sprite)
23448-23B67 Large and small numbers used in game
23DBE Offset index of object debug lists
23DE0 01/WZ/03/06/09/GCZ/DEZ object debug list
23DF2 EHZ object debug list
23ECC MTZ object debug list
23FAE HTZ object debug list
24078 HPZ object debug list
240F2 OOZ object debug list
24194 MCZ object debug list
24216 CNZ object debug list
24228 CPZ object debug list
242C2 ARZ object debug list
24354 Indexed main level load block
24420 Offset index of pattern load cue's
2447A Pattern load cue's
24804 Lost pattern load cue's from previous compilation
24A30 Leftover data from previous build
28000 Animated cone shaped flower from EHZ and HTZ
28080 Animated bubble like flower from EHZ and HTZ
28100 Animated stringy flower from EHZ and HTZ
28180 Animated leafy flower from EHZ and HTZ
28200 Animated pulsing thing against checkered background in EHZ
28300 Hills in background from HTZ
28C2A Clouds in background of HTZ
2902A Spinning metal cylinder from MTZ
2A02A Lava patterns from EHZ and MTZ
2A62A Animated section of MTZ background
2A86A Horizontal and vertical rotating screw
2B06A Weird piece of alpha HPZ background
2B46A Giant pulsing ball in HPZ
2B76A Tiny pulsing ball in OOZ
2B94A Square rotating around ball in OOZ
2BD4A Oil in OOZ
2CCEA Animated background section from CPZ and DEZ
2CEEA Waterfall patterns from ARZ
2D1EA Curve and resistance mapping
2D2EA Collision array
2F2EA EHZ and HTZ primary 16x16 collision index
2F5EA EHZ and HTZ secondary 16x16 collision index
2F8EA WZ primary 16x16 collision index
2FBEA MTZ primary 16x16 collision index
2FEEA HPZ primary 16x16 collision index
301EA HPZ secondary 16x16 collision index
304EA OOZ primary 16x16 collision index
307EA DHZ primary 16x16 collision index
30AEA CNZ primary 16x16 collision index
30DEA CNZ secondary 16x16 collision index
310EA CPZ primary 16x16 collision index
313EA CPZ secondary 16x16 collision index
316EA ARZ primary 16x16 collision index
319EA ARZ secondary 16x16 collision index
31CEA-3334D ????????? (something to do with special stage)
3334E Level layout offset index
333D6 EHZ act 1 foreground
33BD8 EHZ act 2 foreground
343DA EHZ act 1/2 background
343E4 01 act 1/2 foreground/background
343E8 WZ act 1 foreground
34BEA WZ act 2 foreground
353EC WZ act 1 background
35BEE WZ act 2 background
363F0 03 act 1/2 foreground/background
363F4 MTZ act 1 foreground
36BF6 MTZ act 2 foreground
373F8 MTZ act 1/2/3 background
3741E MTZ act 3 foreground
37C20 06 act 1/2 foreground/background
37C24 HTZ act 1 foreground
38426 HTZ act 2 foreground
38C28 HTZ act 1 background
3942A HTZ act 2 background
39C2C HPZ act 1/2 foreground
3A42E HPZ act 1/2 background
3A478 09 act 1/2 foreground/background
3A47C OOZ act 1 foreground
3AC7E OOZ act 2 foreground
3B480 OOZ act 1/2 foreground/background
3B49A DHZ act 1 foreground
3BC9C DHZ act 2 foreground
3C49E DHZ act 1/2 background
3C4B0 CNZ act 1 foreground
3CCB2 CNZ act 2 foreground
3D4B4 CNZ act 1 background
3DCB6 CNZ act 2 background
3DCC0 CPZ act 1 foreground
3E4C2 CPZ act 2 foreground
3ECC4 CPZ act 1 foreground
3ECF0 GCZ act 1/2 foreground/background
3ECF4 ARZ act 1 foreground
3F4F6 ARZ act 2 foreground
3FCF8 ARZ act 1 background
404FA ARZ act 2 background
40CFC DEZ act 1/2 foreground/background
40D00 Giant golden ring
41940 Blank space
42B7A Giant golden ring... again (uncompressed)
437BC Very end of palette
437C6 ??????????
44000 Offset index of sprite locations
4404A EHZ act 1 sprite locations
442C6 EHZ act 2 sprite locations
445C0 MTZ act 1 sprite locations
4488A MTZ act 2 sprite locations
44B30 MTZ act 3 sprite locations
44EFC HTZ act 1 sprite locations
45130 HTZ act 2 sprite locations
4554A HPZ act 1 sprite locations
45652 HPZ act 2 sprite locations (empty)
45658 Unknown (empty)
4565E OOZ act 1 sprite locations
457C0 OOZ act 2 sprite locations
459AC DHZ act 1 sprite locations
45A24 DHZ act 2 sprite locations
45A2A CPZ act 1 sprite locations
45CC4 CPZ act 2 sprite locations
4605A ARZ act 1 sprite locations
46216 ARZ act 1 sprite locations
46348 01, WZ, 03, 06, 09, CNZ, GCZ, DEZ sprite locations (empty)
4634E ??????????
474AC Lost palette
4760C ??????????
48000 Offset index of ring locations
48044 EHZ act 1 ring locations
481DE EHZ act 2 ring locations
483DC 01 act 1 ring locations (empty)
483DE 01 act 2 ring locations (empty)
483E0 WZ act 1 ring locations (empty)
483E2 WZ act 2 ring locations (empty)
483E4 03 act 1 ring locations (empty)
483E6 03 act 2 ring locations (empty)
483E8 MTZ act 1 ring locations (empty)
483EA MTZ act 2 ring locations (empty)
483EC MTZ act 3 ring locations (empty)
483EE MTZ act 4 ring locations (empty)
483F0 06 act 1 ring locations (empty)
483F2 06 act 2 ring locations (empty)
483F4 HTZ act 1 ring locations
484EA HTZ act 2 ring locations
48654 HPZ act 1 ring locations
487C6 HPZ act 2 ring locations (empty)
487C8 09 act 1 ring locations (empty)
487CA 09 act 2 ring locations (empty)
487CC OOZ act 1 ring locations
4889E OOZ act 2 ring locations
48968 DHZ act 1 ring locations (empty)
4896A DHZ act 2 ring locations (empty)
4896C CNZ act 1 ring locations (empty)
4896E CNZ act 2 ring locations (empty)
48970 CPZ act 1 ring locations
48A3E CPZ act 2 ring locations
48B94 GCZ act 1 ring locations (empty)
48B96 GCZ act 2 ring locations (empty)
48B98 ARZ act 1 ring locations
48C76 ARZ act 2 ring locations
48DB0 DEZ act 1 ring locations (empty)
48DB2 DEZ act 2 ring locations (empty)
48DB4 ??????????
4B76C Rock splashing into liquid (uncompressed)
4BAAC Lost palette
4BC4C ??????????
4E54A Grains of sand falling (uncompressed)
4E86A Fire in bowl against stone background (uncompressed)
4EC6A Data block acting as seperator
4EE00 ?????????? (uncompressed data blocks with massive repetition)
4FB98 Data block acting as seperator
50000 Patterns for Sonic
614C0 Unknown offset index
6160E Unknown (Something to do with mappings for Sonic)
62598 Patterns for Tails
6DA4C Unknown offset index
6DB9A Unknown (Something to do with mappings for Sonic)
6DF8E Patterns for bubble
6E114 Stars from invincibility
6E1F6 Patterns for smoke trails, dust, and splash in water
6FB3C Unknown offset index
6FC46 Unknown (Something to do with mappings for Tails)
7056E Unknown offset index
70678 Unknown (Something to do with mappings for Tails)
70960 SEGA patterns
71520 Title patterns
72E82 Sonic patterns in title screen
739C6 Fireballs from HTZ and WZ
73B3C Some waterfall tiles form WZ
73C42 Another fireball from HTZ
73D90 Pieces of bridge from EHZ
73E68 Flying fox system in HTZ
7415C One way barrier from HTZ
741D4 See-saw from HTZ
7436C Fireball
7447A Rock from HTZ
745B0 badnick from HTZ with balls of flame spinning around him that he shoots at you
7461C Spinning grey wheel from MTZ
74A74 A ball shaped thing from MTZ patterns
74B1C Spear block from MTZ
74BEA Steam from MTZ
74CF4 Spike from MTZ
74DB6 Unknown. Some similar shaded blocks
74E2C Lava bubble from MTZ
74EE2 Something from MTZ patterns
74F52 Unknown. A block of some kind.
751FE Stuff from MTZ
752A0 Mini rotating cog from MTZ
75382 Four blocks from MTZ tiles. All of the blocks are just one colour
7538E Bridge from HPZ
75506 Waterfall tiles for HPZ
75868 The master emerald
75ADA Platform thing from HPZ
75B9A Pulsing light thing from HPZ
75DD6 Another platform thing from HPZ and those green blocks
75F70 Patterns from raising platform in OOZ
76060 Spikeball thing from OOZ
76258 Patterns for stuff in OOZ
762EE Some striped patterns from OOZ
7635A Oil patterns from OOZ
764D6 Some blocks of oil and stuff from OOZ
76602 Unknown. Damn I wish I could make this out, because it looks quite interesting.
76722 Unknown. Ditto.
76A12 Unknown. Whatever they are, they look OOZ style.
76CA6 Unknown. Also look OOZ in style.
76E68 Swinging platform from OOZ
7708A Wooden box from MCZ
772C8 Collapsing platform from MCZ
77472 Vines around switch you pull on from MCZ
7756A Vines from MCZ
77614 A side on view of a log from WZ I suspect.
77684 Big moving platform in CPZ
777D2 Surface of water from HPZ and CPZ
77942 Unknown. It looks like a small cylinder kinda.
779AA Blue ball for enemy in CPZ
77A1C CPZ metal stuff
77C26 Some blocks from CPZ
77C66 Some diagnally striped blocks from CPZ
77CD2 Little yellow moving platform from CPZ
77EB4 Block from CPZ, but with something else as well.
78074 Spring on top of pipe from CPZ, and something else further down.
78270 Top of water from ARZ
78356 Leaves from ARZ
783E2 Arrow and arrow shooter from ARZ
78540 Splash from ARZ
78580 Button
78658 Vertical red spring
78774 Horizontal red spring
7883E Diagonal spring
78A12 Score, rings, time patterns
78B1A Sonic lives counter
78C30 Ring patterns
78D24 Monitor patterns
7914E Spikes
7919E Numbers
79278 Beta starpoll
7931E Signpost for end of level
798F4 Weird spring from CPZ and ARZ
79A44 Long horizontal spike
79AC0 Bubbles and numbers that count down when underwater
7A11A Crocodile
7A4BC Buzz bomber
7A6A2 Bat from HPZ
7A9F8 Octopus from OOZ
7AD18 Rhinobot
7B114 Dinobot
7B4EA Pirhana
7B9E2 Seahorse from OOZ
7BE30 Spinning ball thingy
7C0C6 Blinky
7C2F2 Bubble monster
7C514 Ground based badnick from EHZ
7C710 Bouncer badnick from CNZ
7CA92 Fish badnick from EHZ
7CC9E Robotnic and his main ship
7D3DA CPZ boss
7D938 Some kind of large explosion
7DFC0 A small explosion
7E03E Some kind of trailing smoke
7E124 EHZ boss
7E910 Chopper blades for EHZ boss
7EA04 Title card patterns for levels
7F012 Regular in level explosion
7F678 Game/time over tiles
7F80A Vertical spring from S1
7F90C Horizontal spring from S1
7F9E8 Flash from entering giant ring
7FB5C Hidden end of level bonus points
7FE5E Patterns for continue screen from S1
8010E Patterns for recieveing continue at end of special stage from S1
80348 Rabbit
804A0 White bird
805FC Black bird
80778 Seal
80894 Pig
809CA Blue bird
80B04 Bear
80C60 16x16 block mappings for EHZ
81C00 EHZ/HTZ main level patterns
84A50 16x16 block mappings for HTZ suppliment on EHZ tiles
85200 HTZ pattern suppliment to EHZ level patterns
86626 Initial blocks for dynamically reloaded and animated patterns in HTZ
8692E EHZ/HTZ 128x128 block mappings
89B8E WZ 16x16 block mappings
8AB2E WZ main level patterns
8E826 WZ 128x128 block mappings
90456 MTZ 16x16 block mappings
91716 MTZ main level patterns
94C56 MTZ 128x128 block mappings
97596 HPZ 16x16 block mappings
98B76 HPZ main level patterns
9B9F8 HPZ 128x128 block mappings
9D778 OOZ 16x16 block mappings
9ED58 OOZ main level patterns
A1A58 OOZ 128x128 block mappings
A3F88 MCZ 16x16 block mappings
A5248 MCZ main level patterns
A8B6A MCZ 128x128 block mappings
AB5CA CNZ 16x16 block mappings
ABF2A CNZ main level patterns
AE746 Leftover data from previous build
AEF3C Some blocks from CNZ
AF026 CNZ 128x128 block mappings
B0F26 CPZ/DEZ 16x16 block mappings
B2506 CPZ/DEZ main level patterns
B6058 CPZ/DEZ 128x128 block mappings
B8558 ARZ 16x16 block mappings
B9E58 ARZ main level patterns
BF408 Waterfall patterns
BF568 ARZ 128x128 block mappings
C2138 End of compressed ARZ 128x128 block mappings
C2148 large chunk of CNZ 128x128 block mappings (uncompressed)
C943C CPZ 16x16 block mappings (Different to current beta)
CAA1C CPZ main level patterns (797 blocks) (Different to current beta)
CE03A CPZ 128x128 block mappings (uncompressed) (Different to current beta)
D603A ARZ 16x16 block mappings
D793A ARZ main level patterns (1002 blocks) (Identical to current beta)
DCEEA Waterfall patterns (00, 11 blocks)
DD04A ARZ 128x128 block mappings (uncompressed) (Different to current beta)
E504A Incomplete part of ARZ main level patterns (Identical to current beta)
E57E6 Waterfall patterns (00, 11 blocks)
E5946 Compressed ARZ 128x128 block mappings
E8000 Half of SEGA intro sound
EC000-ECFFF ??????????
ED000-EFFFF ?????????? (Something to do with music)
F0000-F1E8B ?????????? (Something to do with music)
F1E8C-F7FFF SEGA intro sound
F8000-FEFFF ?????????? (Something to do with music)
FF000-FFFFF ?????????? (Something to do with sound fx)

Demo editing

This is a piece of cake. Change the values to the level you want the demo of. The format is the level number first, then the act number.

Demo Number Location
Demo 1 3C16 to 3C17
Demo 2 3C18 to 3C19
Demo 3 3C1A to 3C1B
Demo 4 3C1C to 3C1D

Codes and keypad editing

The HEX location of debug code is as follows:

  • 3B5A-3B5F

For this to be useful you'll need the Mega Drive keypad commands =):

  • Up-01
  • Down-02
  • Left-04
  • Right-08

These are two bytes long, so don't ignore the zeros.

  • Button A - 00 01
  • Button B - 00 02
  • Button C - 00 04
  • Start Button - 00 08

Now you can have fun changing this strange code around.

Level Select Menu hacking

The hacking here is downright simple. Go to the strings which are presented right below, and then put in the new letters using the letter reference below the string locations:

Level Location
Green Hill 3D7C-3D8A
Wood Zone 3DB2-3DBA
Metropolis Zone 3DE8-3DF6
Hill Top Zone 3E39-3E45
Hidden Palace Zone 3E6F-3E81
Oil Ocean Zone 3EA5-3EB2
Dust Hill Zone 3EDB-3EE8
Casino Night Zone 3F11-3F21
Chemical Plant Zone 3F47-3F59
Genocide City Zone 3F7D-3F8E
Neo Green Hill Zone 3FB3-3FC5
Death Egg Zone 3FE8-3FF6

Now you need to know what the letters are:

Value Letter
00 0
01 1
02 2
03 3
04 4
05 5
06 6
07 7
08 8
09 9
0A $
0B -
0C =
0D <-
0E <-
0F Y
10 Z
11 A
12 B
13 C
14 D
15 E
16 F
17 G
18 H
19 I
1A J
1B K
1C L
1D M
1E N
1F O
20 P
21 Q
22 R
23 S
24 T
25 U
26 V
27 W
28 X
FF space


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