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ICEknight was the first scener to get in contact with some of the people who worked on the classic Sonic games and arrange interviews with them for his website Sonic Database, resulting in the first releases of any actual development documents, assets and insider info in the Sonic fan communities. These included the concept art for Cyber City and Metropolis Zone[1], some of Yasuhara's badnik design documents[2] and several Digitizer graphics[3] from Tom Payne, as well as unheard-of information regarding the development of Sonic 2 and Sonic Spinball.

He's also found some prototype leftovers inside the old games, such as the Gator badnik object from Sonic 2, a "whistling Sonic" animation in Sonic 3[4], the graphics for Amy in Chaotix, some unreferenced music in a Sonic 3D prototype (which was later reused for Sonic 4) or the unused PCM music in Sonic CD's prototype SNCBNK files[5], and made a few game mods such as a reimplementation of the lost "warp effect" from Sonic 1[6], Strider Hiryu in Sonic The Hedgehog or Mecha Flicky in Sonic 2's Death Egg.

Since 2019, he's been managing a Spanish video game preservation and research group on Discord, as well as its related website retroLEL[7].

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