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Ifrit Golem
Game: Sonic and the Secret Rings
Level: Evil Foundry
Fought by: Sonic

In Sonic and the Secret Rings, a boss called the Ifrit Golem appears. Shahra refers to him as "a djinn that controls fire." He bears some resemblance to Iblis, but appears to be a mechanical entity. The Ifrit Golem was summoned by the Erazor Djinn to burn the pages of the Arabian Nights. Like Iblis, the Ifrit Golem is invincible until Sonic uses the power of the Water Blue World Ring to create a storm, reducing the the Golem's heat. After the Ifrit Golem is defeated, he's reduced to a small but destructive time bomb, which Sonic must hurry to dispose of outside the Evil Foundry.

Relationship to Iblis / Ifrit

When Ifrit Golem is summoned, Iblis is mentioned in Erazor's incantation. The Golem was referred to by Erazor as a being sent to the abyss ("Jehannenar") by Iblis. While this may refer to the villain from Sonic the Hedgehog, by Secret Rings, the events in Sonic the Hedgehog had been erased from history, so without the failure of the Solaris Project, Iblis has technically never existed in the timeline. Combined with the fact that these two games have no obvious plot connection, "Iblis" in the context of Erazor's chant may simply be a word for the Devil ("Iblis" means "Devil" in Arabic).

In Sonic Rivals 2, Eggman Nega's actions were preparations for releasing an Ifrit creature - using the Chaos Emeralds to open a dimensional portal to the Ifrit's world, and sacrificing Chao to power the Ifrit up. Again, the relationship between the Ifrit Golem and Rivals 2's dragon-like Ifrit is unknown. The dimension in which the Ifrit resides, however, is very similar to the flame-future where Iblis reigned.

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