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For the Sonic and the Secret Rings boss, see Ifrit Golem.
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Game: Sonic Rivals 2
Level: Chaotic Inferno Zone
Hits to defeat: 8

The Ifrit is an inter-dimensional dragon-like fire-beast, serving as the focus for Eggman Nega's schemes (and as the last boss) in Sonic Rivals 2. In addition to its cosmos-incinerating flame powers, the Ifrit has powerful mind-controlling abilities.


Known to Professor Gerald Robotnik, the Ifrit was the subject of some of the deceased professor's notes, which unfortunately fell into the hands of Eggman Nega some time before the events of Rivals 2. Nega hatched a plan to access the Ifrit's dimension via a portal located in Mystic Haunt Zone, intending to use the beast to sow incendiary destruction throughout Sonic's world. In order to effect his scheme, however, Nega required both the Chaos Emeralds (needing all seven to open the inter-dimensional wormhole), and a large number of Chao (intended as live food for the Ifrit in order to increase the creature's power).

Nega anonymously contacted Rouge the Bat, assigning her to gather the Emeralds for him, while at the same time gathering Chao and sequestering them in a secret room within Mystic Haunt Zone. The vanishing Chao attract the suspicions of both Vector and Tails, who contact Espio and Sonic respectively to try and get to the bottom of things - setting in motion the plot of Rivals 2.

Boss fight

Although Sonic eventually frees the Chao, Nega is successful in opening the portal with the Chaos Emeralds. In order to prevent the Ifrit's release, the heroes dive into the Ifrit's world of Chaotic Inferno Zone, to stop the beast before it crosses between dimensions.

The battle begins with the Ifrit partially mind-controlling the player-character's ally (even Sonic if the player is playing as Tails, despite Chip's comments about the hedgehog's mental resilience in Sonic Unleashed). Shadow, Metal Sonic, Espio and Silver are spared this telepathic ordeal, as they have to deal with Metal Sonic 3.0 during the battle instead of a possessed ally. The Ifrit then takes to the sky, sweeping the characters five kilometers into the air on a flaming plume. The subsequent plummet from 5,000 meters serves as a time limit to defeat the boss.

The Ifrit starts by hovering in the background, spewing fireballs, until it attempts to sweep past the player character in a head-on strike. Hitting the beast in the head as it charges stuns it, and the combatants land on its back. The Ifrit continues vomiting fire in an effort to cook the heroes; when it lowers its head it can be further stunned, and eventually slumps over to allow damaging strikes on its skull. Repeat for eight major hits to defeat the creature. If the time limit expires, the battle ends in a draw.


Watch Ifrit's gaze carefully to avoid his deadly fire!

— Loading screen hint


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