Dead Line Zone

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Sonic Rush
Dead Line Zone
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Dead Line Zone
7th (Sonic and Blaze) level, Sonic Rush
Number of Acts: 3
Level theme: Death Egg
Boss: Dead Line boss

Dead Line Zone is the final two-act level for both characters on Sonic Rush. It takes place on a ship similar to the Death Egg. The background indicates that there is a massive glass-like casing around it to keep the air in. One main gimmick in this stage is changing gravity - which happens throughout many parts of the stage. Many rockets in the stage appear which you can ride and control. Pressing forward in the direction the rocket is facing will cause it to rotate upwards. Pressing in the opposite direction will cause it to rotate downwards.

Structures in the level's walls or floating throughout the level siphon dropped rings out of the air; for this reason, getting hit in this stage can be very dangerous no matter the amount of rings you have. To compensate for this, each act is rich with a large amount of rings, enough to easily get 100 or even 200 if you aren't hit. This stage also has sideways gravity walls, which each character can run along. There are also several groups of fan-like structures that allow you to hover in the air. Several cannons appear which allow you to shoot in any direction to the front of them. The boss of this zone is Sonic or Blaze, depending on your character.


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