Chikao Otsuka

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Chikao Otsuka
Place of birth: Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan
Date of birth: 1929-07-05
Date of death: 2015-01-15 (age 85)
Role: Voice actor

Chikao Ōtsuka (大塚 周夫 Ōtsuka Chikao, July 5, 1929 - January 15, 2015) was a veteran seiyū, actor and narrator born in Setagaya, Tokyo. As of 2006, he was represented by Aoni Production, previously being affiliated with Gekidan Tōgei, Gekidan Haiyū Kogekijō and Geinouza, among others. He won the Anime Achievement Award as a voice actor at Tokyo Anime Award 2014. He was the father of Akio Ōtsuka, another seiyū. Predating his involvement with the Sonic the Hedgehog series, Otsuka had voiced Wario in various Nintendo commercials aired in Japan.

Otsuka has since been succeeded in the role of Dr. Eggman by Kotaro Nakamura.


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