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Debug mode


At any point, press HOLD  Service SW Right Right Punch Left Right Punch Kick Right Right Up Punch. There will be no confirmation to confirm correct entry, but debug functions will be enabled. To access the debug menu, hold player 2's Block button and press player 2's Start button. The debug menu is navigated by holding P2 Start and using player 1's directional controls, and submenus can be accessed using P1 Start. Additional features can be accessed by changing the DIP switches:

Debug display


Set DIP switch 1 on. This will display debug information such as a "CTRL_TIMER", "GAME_TIMER" and current program modes during gameplay.

Disable foreground textures


Set DIP switch 7 on. This will disable all foreground textures, such as the HUD and the "INSERT COIN" prompts. This also overrides the debug display setting.

Unused content


There are several characters which are not accessible through normal gameplay but can be accessed using MAME cheats, or through the use of a hack by Tiberious which allows them to be selected on the character select screen. Note that this hack only enables the use of five of these unused characters.


Sonic Retro emblem.svg Main article: Honey the Cat

Honey is a yellow cat-like character with black hair, based on Candy from Fighting Vipers (Candy's name in Japan was Honey). She was initially discovered after the release of Sonic Gems Collection. In an interview with Hiroshi Kataoka[1], he confirmed that since Sonic the Fighters was initially designed around Fighting Vipers by simply placing Sonic characters in it, the character was modeled around her.

Her in-game data is nearly complete. Her model, when squashed by the Piko-Piko hammer or by Bark's fist pound, reveals she was based on Amy. Honey's alternate costume is not a grey-scale duplicate, as other characters in the game have, but shows her as a purple cat with blonde hair and a blue outfit. This resembles the alternate costume used by Honey in Fighting Vipers. Honey's move-set is complete and based on moves from other characters. Her only unique animation is her idle stance, though there appears to be data for an unused "kiss" type move which would make the opponent blush and have hearts for eyes. Due to a possible oversight in programming, Honey's eyes incorrectly focus on the camera instead of her opponent, making Honey look strange in some scenarios. When the cut-scene after Metal Sonic is defeated starts, a variable is changed in memory which fixes this issue. Honey's pre-level artwork goes unused and shows Honey as either a black or white silhouette depending on which player side she is on. The artwork that goes used in the arcade version when Honey is selected shows Eggman's character card instead of these silhouettes.

The alternate costume design for the character was used in a short clip in the intro for the Sega Saturn version of Fighting Vipers. Honey's model was removed completely from all versions of Sonic Gems Collection.

In the XBox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network ports of the game, Honey has been added as a secret selectable character which fixed the issues mentioned above, including proper eye movement and pre-level artwork. She can be selected by moving the cursor over Amy, pressing the start button, and then selecting her. Doing this also unlocks an achievement.

Metal Sonic


Metal Sonic does not display a grey-scale version on the character select screen when two players select him.

Eggman Mech


Eggman's robot, seen during the intro cutscene, is somewhat playable. He has no grey-scale data present in the game. Even during gameplay, Eggman's Robot rotates it's head every six seconds. Eggman's Robot has the exact same moveset as the final Eggman boss. The only difference is in the triple punch move, where the speed lines are purple instead of white.

Rocket Metal


Rocket Metal is only seen in the intro to the game for short time before transforming. His vs screen actually displays his name rather than defaulting to Eggman.

Mechless Eggman


Normally, Eggman only appears out of his ships and mech units during the game intro cutscene. He is playable in mechless form through hacking. His moves are similar to the Eggman form fought after defeating Metal Sonic and also shares the same title card. The only real difference is his default punch moves, which are similar to Knuckles'.

Big Eggman


A bigger version of Mechless Eggman is also selectable. Because the developers of Sonic the Fighters based the game so closely off of Fighting Vipers, there is a good chance that Eggman and a Big Eggman were going to be the original bosses due to the two different sizes of the boss in Fighting Vipers. However, Big Eggman's skeletal model when he is idle is broken, but is functional while running or performing a move.

UFO Eggman


The UFO Eggman which produces the grey-scale clone whenever a character fights itself is available through hacking. He has the default character moveset.

Unused form of Eggman


There is a unused boss which has no character model data. However, there are tank treads which were likely feet. The above image is a recreation of how the Eggman mech would look like with the feet.


Audio ID Description
310 Sd_game_bgm_00. An alternate version of the character select theme. Included on Sonic the Fighters Sound Tracks as a bonus track, and later used for the options menu in the Sonic Gems Collection version.
316 Sd_game_bgm_06. Included on Sonic the Fighters Sound Tracks as "Sunset Town", a stage that doesn't exist. Remixed versions of the track appear in Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice.
325 Sd_game_bgm_0e. An unknown track that isn't featured on Sonic the Fighters Sound Tracks.
326 Sd_game_bgm_0f. Included on Sonic the Fighters Sound Tracks as "Hurry Up" and is attributed to Death Egg's Hangar, however it never plays as the battle against Eggman plays "North Wind" (the Sonic vs. Knuckles theme) instead. Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing would later use the song as the intro jingle for Egg Hangar.


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