Death Egg's Hangar

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Death Egg's Hangar
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Death Egg's Hangar
Tenth arena, Sonic the Fighters
Level theme: space station
Opponent: Dr. Eggman
Death Egg's Eye

Death Egg's Hangar is the last arena in Sonic the Fighters. The level is also located inside the Death Egg II. In this level, you have under 15 seconds to defeat Dr. Eggman, who is in one of his machines. In addition to your character automatically activating Hyper Mode, all of your attacks break through Eggman's barrier, making him very easy to beat. Once you have defeated him, you will be taken to the final cutscene of the Death Egg being destroyed and your selected character flying off in Tails' rocket ship, after that the ending credits will roll. If you run out of time, it is game over with no continuing, as it takes you to the name entry right away.


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