South Island (Sonic the Fighters)

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South Island (Sonic the Fighters)
South Island (Sonic the Fighters)

South Island (Sonic the Fighters)
South Island

First level, Sonic the Fighters
Level theme: tropical island
Opponent: Knuckles the Echidna


South Island is the first arena in Sonic the Fighters, which presumably takes place on the island of South Island. The level is based on the Tropical Island Cliché and looks very similar to Green Hill Zone from Sonic 1, with a similar pattern used on the walls and on the floor of the arena. Various other gimmicks inspired by the ones in Green Hill Zone are present in the arena, such as wooden bridges, waterfalls and palm trees surrounding the arena. Knuckles is the opponent for this level; once you have defeated him, you receive a Red Chaos Emerald and proceed to the next round.

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Stf southisland.png

South Island

Stf flyingcarpet.png

Flying Carpet

Stf auroraicefield.png

Aurora Icefield

Stf mushroomhill.png

Mushroom Hill

Stf canyoncruise.png

Canyon Cruise

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Casino Night

Stf dynamiteplant.png

Dynamite Plant

Stf giantwing.png

Giant Wing

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Death Egg's Eye

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Death Egg's Hangar