Sonic the Hedgehog:Enhanced Edition

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How the crap is this page still up?

Now i don't have to post bugs and changes on the main page.


Additions since V0.5

  • REV01 Effects
  • 32X Support (Code from Sonic 1 32x hack lol)
  • Sega CD Support (Built from Sonic 1 CD)
  • A bull load of bug fixes.
  • MegaPCM
  • Removed HUD during credits
  • Sonic 1 PAL tempo fixed (Music plays at correct speed on PAL) (fix by Crash)
  • Different songs per act (some by nineko some are ports from other games.)
  • Extended music slots
  • Added PlaySound_Local
  • Menu music ($21)
  • Level Select music ($94)
  • Speed Shoes music ($1E)
  • S3 Results ($8E)
  • Extra Life earned at 50000 points
  • Level doesn't freeze after death (like the 2013 remake)

Additional Credits

  • Tweaker (Sonic 4 CD title, Ground Speed Cap removal)
  • Nineko (Some music tracks, Eggman Monitor, Different songs every act)
  • Selbi (SRAM)
  • FraGag (Spike bug fix, demo playback)
  • 1337Rooster (Hidden Points fix)
  • RHS (Accidental Deletion of Scattered Rings fix, Ring timers fix, Drowning Bugs, scattered rings underwater, Improved ObjectMove routines)
  • Cinossu (Walk Jump fix)
  • Mercury (Walk Jump fix, SS Jumping physics)
  • MarkeyJester (Death Boundary bug, Camera follow bug, Level wrap, LS Graphics bug, improved fading in and out)
  • Quickman (HUD Blinking)
  • MoDule (Water fix)
  • Puto (Air Speed cap removal)
  • jman2050 (REV01 Effects)
  • Clownacy (S2 Level Art Loader)
  • vladikcomper (MegaPCM, Optimizations)
  • Kram1024 (Simon Wai LevelSelect)

More Coming Soon!

All Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Demo playback
  • Correct Level Select order
  • Hidden Points gives you the correct amount
  • Accidental Deletion of Scattered Rings
  • Ring Timers
  • Walk Jump
  • Drowning bugs
  • Death Boundary
  • Dying by hitting the top of the level
  • HUD blinking
  • LS graphic bug
  • Camera Bug
  • Level wrap

Future Features

  • All Monitors in Debug Mode
  • Remove (or add) Unused Objects in Debug Mode
  • Further Optimize the Game

Additional Notes

  • The GHZ art on the title is now uncompressed. (yes it's possible)
  • All enigma mappings are also uncompressed.
  • Some art is also uncompressed.

Music List

  • 1 GHZ
  • 2 Azure Lake (Ported By Me)
  • 3 Leaf Forest Beta (By Nineko)
  • 4 Leaf Forest (By Nineko)

Discussion Section

Fails Hack Policy?

Are we still going to accept this? Because from the looks of things, this still doesn't do enough to comply to the Hack Policy. --BSonirachi (talk) 08:34, 7 June 2018 (CDT)

I don't know. Shadow05 01:08PM, 17 June 2018 (EST)

Opinions and Info

The next build is nearly complete, I still need to finish it but if you ask I'll release "V1.0B" Shadow05 01:25PM, 17 June 2018 (EST)

I've also released the builds from the Old and New Disassembly builds so here's all the versions (so far).

  • Version 0.5 (Genesis)
  • Version 0.5 (Mega CD)
  • Version 0.6 (Genesis)
  • Version 0.7 (Genesis and 32X)

Due to a bug the level select has been reverted back to Sonic 1's. Shadow05 12:14PM, 8 July 2018 (EST)


I'm trying to add the skid dust to Sonic 1 but it doesn't display can someone tell me why?


		move.b	#$D,$1C(a0)	; use "stopping" animation
		bclr	#0,$22(a0)
		move.w	#$A4,d0
		jsr	(PlaySound_Special).l ;	play stopping sound
		move.b	#6,($FFFFD1E4).w
		move.b	#$15,($FFFFD1DA).w

I fixed it here's how you do it, so goto loc_1DE20 and you'll see this.

		bra.s	loc_1DE28

loc_1DE20:				; DATA XREF: h+6E30?o
	        cmpi.b	#$C,$28(a2)
	        blo.s	loc_1DE3E

loc_1DE28:				; CODE XREF: h+6E42?j h+6E56?j ...

Delete the code before loc_1DE28.

Shadow05 01:25PM, 25 June 2018 (EST)


  • 29/5/18 V0.5 is released.
  • 31/5/18 Source Code is released.
  • 5/6/18 32x Support added.
  • 7/6/18 Sega CD version is released.
  • 7/7/18 v0.6 and v0.7 are released.
  • 14/7/18 Version 1.0 beta is released.

Future of Shadow05

Implemented Features (Sonic 1 Shadow05 Edition)

File:Sonic 1 Shadow05 Edition Logo.png

Implemented Features (Sonic 2 Enhanced Edition)

  • None lol