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jman2050 is a programmer/hacker who has worked on a variety of small hacking projects since 2004 and currently works as a programmer with Team Megamix, primarily on their highly popular and publicised flagship ROM hack, Sonic Megamix. For his technical skills, he was awarded membership in Sonic Retro’s Tech Members.

He joined Sonic Retro in late December 2005. In early 2006, he created a specialized
Sonic Retro
PCM sample driver
designed to be used with Sonic the Hedgehog's music engine to enable the playback of raw PCM samples; this is used in a few hacks, including Sonic the Hedgehog Extended Edition and Sonic 1 Remastered. He also created a guide on adding the background effects from REV01 of Sonic the Hedgehog to new ROM hacks.