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Sonic Megamix "V5.0B"

  • I actually have a rom of Sonic the Hedgehog Megamix V5.0B I won't post a link (because i'll probably get banned) but here's some screenshots.

WARNING:These will contain ALOT of spoilers!

Preferences Screen

Preferences Sonic Megamix V5.0.png

City Outskirts

Updated City Outskirts.png

Starry Night

Updated Starry Night.png

Metallic Base

Updated Metallic Base.png


  • The time attack menu music has a few additional notes sounding like birds.
  • Special Stages are very different as they are based off the Sonic CD
  • The build was leaked in mid-2014 but was from 2011.
  • Stealth uploaded a video of a even later build.
  • Ending and Credits crashes (Credits doesn't in original mode).
  • Stealth refers to it as "V5.0a" (Version 5.0 Alpha)
  • City Outskirts CD theme was reused for Stardust Speedway act 1 in Sonic Mania.
  • Final Fight is Unfinished
  • As of 2016 Stealth said the game is no longer in devolopment because of numerous bugs and he's the only active developer left.
  • However he also said that he and i quote will cleanup the original Sonic 1 Megamix for a not-so-sloppy release and I will freely release the source code for this engine to the public This includes some enhanced Megamix core engine code, all Megamix-specific character abilities, and all related debugging and hardware transfer utilities. Anyone who wants to create a game functionally-similar to Megamix will be able to use this to do it. This, however, will not happen until I am prepared to present the engine and its code to the public in its then-current state. It's a project that I have chosen for myself and that I intend to attempt alone until I'm satisfied with what I've done; everyone will have the opportunity to "continue"/expand/modify/use/research it after that point (but) unfortunately, it's going to be a while. As I've said several times previously, I'm currently occupied with a contract project (probably Sonic Mania) that's still going to take a good bit of time to complete. None of my personal projects are currently moving ahead, and even if there were still a "Team Megamix", I wouldn't be able to contribute to the project for now anyway
  • So it's possibly not the end of Sonic Megamix and the (offical) source code release will probably make adding features from Megamix to other hacks easier.

Current Projects

  • Doomsday Zone Animation
  • Project:Sonic
  • Sonic 1 Enhanced Edition
  • Sonic 1 AS Disassembly (A Enhanced version of the original.)

Bug fixes

MegaPCM not waiting for the YM2612

Fix from Sonic 2 Clone Driver.


Find "SetupDAC" and below it insert this.

	; Wait for YM2612
-	bit	7,(iy+0)
	jr	nz,-