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Android version

Icon Description Experience points
GooglePlaySonic1Achievement.png Blast Processing 5000 XP
Clear Green Hill Zone Act 1 in under 30 seconds.
GooglePlaySonic1Achievement.png Ramp Ring Acrobatics 5000 XP
Without touching the ground, collect all the Rings in a trapezoid formation in GHZ Act 1.
GooglePlaySonic1Achievement.png Secret of Marble Zone 5000 XP
Travel through a secret room in Marble Zone Act 3.
GooglePlaySonic1Achievement.png Block Buster 10000 XP
Break 16 blocks in a row without stopping.
GooglePlaySonic1Achievement.png Secret of Labyrinth Zone 10000 XP
Activate and ride the hidden platform in Labyrinth Zone Act 1.
GooglePlaySonic1Achievement.png Ring King 10000 XP
Collect 200 Rings.
GooglePlaySonic1Achievement.png Flawless Pursuit 10000 XP
Clear the boss in Labyrinth Zone without getting hurt.
GooglePlaySonic1Achievement.png Bombs Away 10000 XP
Defeat the boss in Starlight Zone using only the see-saw bombs.
GooglePlaySonic1Achievement.png Chaos Connoisseur 10000 XP
Collect all the Chaos Emeralds.
GooglePlaySonic1Achievement.png Hidden Transporter 10000 XP
Collect 50 Rings and take the hidden transporter path in Scrap Brain Act 2.
GooglePlaySonic1Achievement.png One For the Road 5000 XP
As a parting gift, land a final hit on Dr. Eggman's escaping Egg Mobile.
GooglePlaySonic1Achievement.png Beat The Clock 10000 XP
Complete the Time Attack mode in less than 45 minutes.

Total: 100000 XP


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