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This page has a list of magazine articles covering Sonic Jam.

File Date Source Title and comments
CVG UK Freeplay 05.pdf "The Red-Hot Rumour Department!"
Single mention of a Sonic compilation disc for Saturn, titled "Sonic Series".
CVG UK 186.pdf "The Real Sonic Coming to Saturn!"
Short article mentioning a new 3D Sonic Team game, which uses the NiGHTS engine. Most likely this is in reference to Sonic Jam's Sonic World mini-game.
CVG UK 187.pdf CVG UK 187.pdf "Sonic Jam!"
Two-page article about Sonic Jam's appearance at the Spring '97 Tokyo Game Show. Programmer Yuji Naka attended the show to explain the project.
SSM UK 20.pdf "News: Sonic's Back!!!"
CVG UK 188.pdf "Coming Soon: Sonic Jam"
Two-page article preview of the game. The early version the writer played is said to be 40% complete, with Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and Sonic & Knuckles not yet in the game. The Sonic World mini-game is mostly or entirely complete.
GamePro US 106.pdf "Hot E3 Picks: Sonic Jam."
A one-page preview of Sonic Jam by Toxic Tommy in the July 1997 issue of GamePro. It is highlighted as an "E3 Pick" from E3 1997.
SSM UK 21.pdf "A blast from the past!"
SaturnPower UK 02.pdf "Frontline News: Sonic Jam: Exclusive Update!"
CVG UK 189.pdf "Coming Soon: Sonic Jam"
One-page preview of the game, said to be 70% complete and set for an August 1997 release in the UK.
GamePro US 107.pdf "Sneak Preview: Sonic Jam"
A small preview of Sonic Jam featured in the August 1997 issue of GamePro. At the time of its writing, the game was 70 percent complete.
SSM UK 22.pdf "Review: Sonic Jam"
A two-page review of Sonic Jam in the August 1997 issue of British gaming magazine Sega Saturn Magazine. Reviewer Lee Nutter gave the game a 85% rating for graphics, 82% for sound, 92% for playability and 91% for lastability culminating in a 92% overall rating.
CVG UK 190.pdf "Review: Sonic Jam"
Three-page review of the game. The writer praises the compilation as being good value for money, and the game themselves for having aged well.
Hyper AU 047.pdf "Preview: Sonic Jam"
Hyper AU 048.pdf "Review: Saturn - Sonic Jam"
GamePro US 110.pdf "Saturn ProReviews: Sonic Jam"

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NiGHTS Adventure (December 2007)

This clip mentions how Sonic World was a prototype Sonic Adventure.


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