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Expand the music index from $94 to $9F

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(Original guide by SoullessSentinel)

NOTE: If you want to extend more music slots starting from $00 to $FF, see this guide here. Also see this guide here for a newer method. - JGMR

To add more music slots to the sound test, search for this code in the level select routine:

        cmpi.w    #$94,d0    ; is sound $80-$94 being played?
        bcs.s    LevSel_PlaySnd; if yes, branch
        cmpi.w    #$A0,d0    ; is sound $95-$A0 being played?
        bcs.s    LevelSelect; if yes, branch

Change the line:

        cmpi.w    #$94,d0    ; is sound $80-$94 being played?

So it reads:

        cmpi.w    #$A0,d0    ; is sound $80-$9F being played?

Then rebuild the ROM.

And now the sound test will have the music slots going up to $9F, instead of $94, however attempts to play empty music slots will crash the sound driver, and possibly lock up the emulator. So, make sure you include a song in every slot.

Note: The disassembly's comments are incorrect. The correct ID ranges are $80-$93 and $94-$9F.

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