Great Bane Motora Gold

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Great Bane Motora Gold
Game: Sonic Chaos
Level: Turquoise Hill Zone
Hits to defeat: 5(GG)9(MS)
Great Bane Motora Gold, from the Japanese Manual.

Great Bane Motora Gold (グレート・バネモトラ・ゴールド), referred to as Lady Bug in the US manual, is the first boss of Sonic Chaos, appearing in Turquoise Hill Zone. It is nothing more than a large version of Bane Motora, the spring-heaving motobugs. Since it's impossible to jump on its spring-shielded back, Sonic will have to roll into it, most easily accomplished with a spin dash. You can, if being very precise, jump into its side or head, too, but rolling is faster and easier. After five hits (nine in the Master System release), this simple foe is done for. Just make sure you jump to its other side before it closes in on you and you’ll be good to go.


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