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Special Stage
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Special Stage
Special Zone, Sonic Chaos
Number of Acts: 5
Played as: Sonic

The Special Stages in Sonic Chaos are levels in which the Chaos Emeralds are collected (except the last one, which Dr. Eggman drops after the last boss). The stages are only accessible by Sonic (i.e. not Tails), who will automatically be teleported there once the player collects 100 Rings within the first two Acts of any Zone. The player has a total of 12 chances to enter the Special Stage in a single playthrough.


Unlike most other Special Stages in the Sonic series, Sonic Chaos' Special Stages are standard platforming levels much like the regular Zones. Each Special Stage features a different type of platforming challenge, such as using Pogo Springs to climb higher, having to navigate a crystal-filled network of tubes, or the first Special Stage where there is no terrain and Sonic effectively just flies through a Ring-filled void with Rocket Shoes. Large Rings also appear in the first two Special Stages, worth 10 Rings each, allowing the player to accumulate several extra lives.

Every Special Stage begins with a strict time limit of one minute in which the player must reach the Chaos Emerald located at the end, though some Special Stages have Time Monitors that will freeze the clock for a few seconds, giving the player more time. Should the timer run out, or the player falls into a bottomless pit, the Special Stage ends in failure. On top of the time limit, the level layouts are extremely maze-like, often meaning that getting the Emeralds are very difficult without knowing exactly which route to take before the player starts. Maps of the Special Stages can be viewed here.

After a Special Stage ends, the player will be transported to the next Act of the current Zone. When all Special Stages have been cleared, they can get the last Emerald from Eggman at the end of the game.


If Sonic is really going to save South Island, he has to rescue the five Chaos Emeralds from the parallel universe during the Special Stages.
Sonic can enter a Special Stage by snatching 100 Rings in the first two acts of any zone. The moment he gets 100 Rings, he zaps into the Other World. There, Rings are floating everywhere!
One of the Emeralds is stashed somewhere in each Special Stage. You have one minute to find it. The round ends when you pick up the Emerald or run out of time.

— US Game Gear version manualMedia:SonicChaos GG US manual.pdf[1]

Once Sonic collects 100 Rings, he will automatically warp to the Special Stage. Here Sonic can find the Chaos Emeralds — there is one in each Special Stage. Collect all five and battle Robotnik for the sixth to restore peace to your home!
Each Special Stage consists of a maze filled with Rings, Items and a Chaos Emerald. Pick up as many Rings as you can for extra Lives — especially the big Rings, which are worth 10 normal Rings each. The Special Stage ends when you claim the Chaos Emerald, or when the timer runs out. If you pick up the Chaos Emerald, you receive 10 points for each second remaining on the timer.
Note: Only Sonic can proceed to the Special Stage. If Tails picks up 100 rings, he will receive an extra Life.

— EU Master System version manualMedia:Sonic Chaos SMS EU Manual.pdf[2]

List of Special Stages

Stage Screenshot Description Chaos Emerald
Sc specialstage.png
A Ring-filled void with no terrain where Sonic flies forward with endless Rocket Shoes.
SonicChaos SMS Sprite Emeralds.png
SonicChaos SMS SpecialStage 2.png
A vertical level which requires using Pogo Springs to bounce to the top.
SonicChaos SMS Sprite Emeralds.png
SonicChaos SMS SpecialStage 3.png
A series of tubes blocked by Invincibility Monitors.
SonicChaos SMS Sprite Emeralds.png
SonicChaos SMS SpecialStage 4.png
A horizontal obstacle course filled with Springs, breakable walls and Rocket Shoes.
SonicChaos SMS Sprite Emeralds.png
SonicChaos SMS SpecialStage 5.png
A large tube maze where the player must find the correct path to the Emerald.
SonicChaos SMS Sprite Emeralds.png


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