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Game: Sonic Chaos
Level: Aqua Planet Zone

Throughout Sonic Chaos, and in a marked change of his tactics from other early games, our old friend Doctor Robotnik apparently thinks he's too important to face Sonic or Tails personally (until the last boss). Instead the Doctor deploys larger, tougher, nastier badniks as boss robots. Aqua Planet Zone's boss features an old friend. Remember those tiny, annoying, bullet-shaped birdbots from Sky High Zone in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (8-bit)? Well, they're back. This leaping sphere of a boss starts by sending a wave of the minature badniks against Sonic / Tails, and proceeds to periodically spit out more like torpedoes for you to dodge which can be avoided by standing in the middle of the screen. Once you've done enough damage to destroy the upper hemisphere, yet more of the metallic critters spew forth as missiles.

Sonic Chaos
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