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According to my research so far, most samples are in a signed 8-bit mono format, with a sample rate of 22050Hz. Each byte is a building block (a "sample") of the sample as a whole.

There are some exceptions, though.

Some samples are "stereo", in that the sample is in the left ear, while there's data/code in the right ear. The stereo format has every other sample starting with the first be in the left ear, and every other sample starting with the second be in the right ear. Due to every other sample being used, these have a halved sample rate; 11025Hz instead of 22050Hz.

In addition, some simply have different sample rates despite being mono.


Here's a map of samples that can be found in SWORLD.SND. Start and end addresses are inclusive; they're part of the sample.

NOTE: Sample start and end times are currently estimates based on looking at the waveform and patterns in the hex. Finding the exact start and end of each sample will likely require digging into the code.

Start Address End Address Description Notes
$004A2 $02D59 Flute (Low)
$02D5A $06A79 Flute (High)
$06A79 $073B1 Snare Drum
$08D54 $09677 Bongo (Low)
$09678 $09CDB Bongo (High)?
$09CDC $0B189 Tom-Tom (Low)?
$0B18A $0C4A2 Maracas?
$0C4A3 $0CFD1 Tom-Tom (High)?
$0FF92 $112B1 Bass Guitar Stereo. Sample's in left ear.
$112B2 $120F0 Trumpet
$120F1 $14D31 Brass
$14D32 $1512F Sawtooth? Unsure if sample(s). Stereo, sawtooth in left ear, but right ear's a pair of sawtooth samples that seem to be stereo too.
$15130 $16719 Steel Drum
$1671A $1CB3B Bass Drum(?) Stereo. Sample's in left ear.
$1CB3C $215D2 Piano (Low)
$215D3 $2611D Piano (High)
$2611E $2982E Synth(?) "Doo"
$2982F $2AD8F Electric Piano Has an almost bell sound to it.
$2AD90 $2EEC7 Synth Pad
$2EEC8 $2F287 Saxophone? Sample's too short to easily tell.
$2F948 $2FEDD Museum Select
$2FEDE $311FD Museum Confirm Not full sound, just the sample used to play it.
$311FE $3234D Unknown
$3234E $3294F Unknown
$32950 $32BAF Mission Button Played on press and release.
$32BB0 $358D1 Big Ring Warp
$35B22 $36548 Landing Played when Sonic lands on the ground.
$36549 $36E68 Unknown
$36E69 $37A11 Spring Mono, sample rate 11025Hz.
$37A12 $381FD Unknown Unsure if sample. Stereo, left ear is sine wave, right ear seems like noise.
$381FE $399F9 Code Monitor Played on interaction.
$399FA $3BE83 Wind Unused.
$3BE84 $3DCF3 Honk Unused.
$3DCF4 $3FBDE Unknown Sounds like rustling, but sounds different from the in-game trees/bushes.
$3FBDF $40020 Unknown
$40021 $423D1 Electric Organ Stereo, sample's in left, right is data/code.
$423D2 $44DD1 Splash
$44DD2 $46E65 Waterfall
$46E66 $4A863 Ring Pick-up
$4A864 $4C720 Balloon Pop
$4C721 $4ED8D Jump
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