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RAM Editing

Model data starts at $3F908 in MUSEUM.MUS.

Model Format

Models generally consist of the following parts. There are some exceptions, but the general order stays the same.


The first part are vertices, stored as a 3D vector.

Indexing Table

The second part is the indexing table for quads, using the vertices given. Indices are words, and jump by $08. The first vertex would be $0000; the second would be $0008. There's a set of 4 indices for each quad. Triangles are degenerate quads; they have three unique indices, and one repeat.

Vertex Normals

The third, for objects that use Dynamic Gouraud Shading, are the vertex normals. These are normalized 3D vectors. As you'd expect, there's one for each vertex.

Draw Settings

After the above is the draw settings. There's one list of settings for each quad. Each list is 16 bytes long. Here's its format:

Description Length
Unknown. Highest bit seems to turn off backface culling. Byte
Unknown. Bits $1 and $2 affect depth testing in certain instances. Byte
Texture index. $1-$1DB. Word
CMDPMOD command for VDP1. Bit flags. Word
Unknown. Word
Static/Dynamic Gouraud Shading Table Index. Word
CMDCTRL command for VDP1. Bit flags. Word
Unknown. Word
Unknown. Word


This can vary from model to model, depending on which parts are present. All pointers are set up for High Work RAM. To convert them to pointers for MUSEUM.MUS, subtract by $06040000.

Sonic's sub-model footers are arranged like such:

  1. Pointer to start of vertices (long), number of vertices (long)
  2. Pointer to start of indexing table (long), number of quads (long)
  3. Pointer to draw command (long)
  4. Pointer to vertex normals (long)

Model Groups

Some models, such as Sonic and Tails, consist of multiple sub-models in a group. After the last sub-model in the group, there's a footer.

The first part of the footer is a list of addresses pointing to each sub-model's footer. Replacing one of these with another sub-model footer's High Work RAM address will result in that model being drawn instead.

The second part is a list of 3D Vectors, relative positions for each sub-model. They correspond to the addresses given in the previous section.

Certain model groups have some seemingly unused data that appears before the footer. This data seems to correlate with how the model group parenting hierarchy is set up.

Model List

Here's the list of models in the game that are currently known. Addresses given are pointers to model group footers, or model footers for ungrouped models.

Addresses for sub-model footers can be found in the model group footer, though once more, they're set up for High Work RAM.

Description Address
Sonic (Normal) $42620
Sonic (Jumping) $45428
Sonic (Sprinting) $44230
Jumpball $49D48
Drop Shadow (Sonic) $49D88
Tails $4D31C
Tails (Low-Poly) $4E1B4
Test Object? $4E454
Cyan Pixel? $4E468
Black Pixel? $4E47C
Blue Pixel? $4E490
Stone Arch $4E9FC
Star Balloon $4EE7C
Star Balloon (Exploding) $4F754
Checkpoint Post $4F98C
Exit Building $4FE00
Exit Doors $4FEDC
Drop Shadow (Ring) $4FF48
Drop Shadow (Platform) $4FF5C
Palm Tree $5034C
Bush $506F4
Spring $50B44
Spinning Top (Tall) $50DBC
Post (Tall) $50E30
Post & Spinning Top (Short) $51130
Grassy Platform $514E4
Mission Button $51888
Character House Monitor $51C6C
Stone Post (Large) $51EE0
Stone Post (Small) $52134
Water Ripple 1 $521C4
Water Ripple 2 $521D8
Water Ripple 3 $521EC
Water Ripple 4 $52200
Water Ripple 5 $52214
Water Ripple 6 $52228
Big Ring $52FDC
Seagull $53224
Blue Flicky $53880
Green Flicky $53BC4
Purple Flicky $53F08
Red Flicky $5424C
Orange Flicky $54590
Monkey $54D00
Music Shop $55C14
Music Shop Interior $55D38
Art Gallery $56B44
Art Gallery Interior $56C88
Hall of Fame $57B30
Hall of Fame Interior $57C54
Character House (Robotnik) $58A18
Character House (Sonic) $58B34
Character House Interiors $58D4C
Movie Theater $59AF0
Movie Theater Interior $59C14
Wall Chunk 1 $5A090
Wall Chunk 2 $5A4A0
Wall Chunk 3 $5AB8C
Wall Chunk 4 $5B20C
Wall Chunk 5 $5B604
Wall Chunk 6 $5B9F0
Wall Chunk 7 $5BE44
Wall Chunk 8 $5C270
Wall Chunk 9 $5C560
Wall Chunk 10 $5CA48
Wall Chunk 11 $5CE04
Wall Chunk 12 $5D484
Wall Chunk 13 $5D960
Wall Chunk 14 $5E010
Wall Chunk 15 $5E300
Wall Chunk 16 $5E548
Wall Chunk 17 $5E73C
Wall Chunk 18 $5EC0C
Wall Chunk 19 $5F1C0
Wall Chunk 20 $5F6F0
Wall Chunk 21 $5FB90
Wall Chunk 22 $5FD30
Wall Chunk 23 $5FF78
Wall Chunk 24 $60070
Wall Chunk 25 $6051C
Wall Chunk 26 $608A8
Wall Chunk 27 $60E74
Wall Chunk 28 $6150C
Wall Chunk 29 $6191C
Wall Chunk 30 $61B34
River Collider 1 $61D3C
River Collider 2 $6202C
River Collider 3 $622E0
River Collider 4 $625BC
River Collider 5 $6292C
River Collider 6 $62C00
River Collider 7 $62E9C
River Collider 8 $632E4
River Collider 9 $6368C
River Collider 10 $638AC
River Collider 11 $63AF8
Plateau Top Chunk 1 $63D74
Plateau Top Chunk 2 $6437C
Plateau Top Chunk 3 $644EC
Plateau Top Chunk 4 $6489C
Plateau Top Chunk 5 $64DF0
Plateau Top Chunk 6 $64F54
Plateau Top Chunk 7 $651B4
River Chunk 1 $65588
River Chunk 2 $65BE4
River Chunk 3 $66114
River Chunk 4 $66668
River Chunk 5 $66C40
River Chunk 6 $67284
River Chunk 7 $67730
River Chunk 8 $67E4C
River Chunk 9 $68364
River Chunk 10 $68780
River Chunk 11 $68B48
River Mask 1 $68E08
River Mask 2 $69E98
River Mask 3 $697A8
River Mask 4 $69C0C
River Mask 5 $6A070
River Mask 6 $6A5D0
River Mask 7 $6A938
River Mask 8 $6ACF4
River Mask 9 $6AF3C
River Mask 10 $6B2C8
River Mask 11 $6B588
Sonic Statue $6C9AC
Robotnik Statue $6D290
Statue Stand $6D424
Big Bridge Chunk 1 $6DB7C
Big Bridge Chunk 2 $6DEFC
Little Bridge $6E510
Big Bridge Collider $6EBEC
Little Bridge Collider $6EC78
Z Camera Trigger 1 $6F1C0
Z Camera Trigger 2 $6F7D4
Z Camera Trigger 3 $6FDD4
Z Camera Trigger 4 $70394
Z Camera Trigger 5 $70648
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