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You may be looking for: Metal Knuckles from Sonic R, Mecha Knuckles from Sonic Advance, or Mecha Knuckles from the Archie comics.
Not to be confused with the sceners Metal Knuckles and MetalKirby, who use this name as an abbreviation, posers.

MK has been with the Sonic community for ages, but has never done anything relevant.


This section is written in the first person by MK.

Pocket Monsters

Several years ago, maybe 2001 or so, before 9/11 if I recall correctly, I was in elementary school and was getting into Pokémon. It was getting huge at the time, the cards and whatnot, and I loved the games. Anyways, there was an older thing at school, who apparently decided to be an asshole pirate, and offered to sell me Pokemon for the computer! Of course, I wanted in. I gave him 5 American dollars the next day, and received 2 floppy disks: A green one and a yellow one, containing NO$GMB and Pokemon Red and Blue ROMs.

Before then, all I played was crappy old Apple games, but we had a PC now, so I was stuck with Tetris and whatnot. But man, playing Pokemon, that was huge on the PC for me. It even had a primitive linking thing I tried to work, but couldn't. At that time, my dad had access to the internet from work, so he would get cheat codes and Game Genie codes for my Sonic and other games for me, as well as information on my favorite TV shows, like Space Cases. Anyways, I asked him if he could find me other Game Boy games I could get. Somehow, either by accident, or due to legal shenanigans, or the fact that emulation was still in its infancy, he got me an epic game called SQRXZ (BEFORE there was a color version).

For years that's all I had, but once we actually got internet access at home, things changed.

The Internet

Once we got internet access, dial-up, it was mostly slow for a while. The computer was downstairs, and my parents only let us get on at certain times, hiding the phone cord. Once the computer was moved to my room, I managed to sneak the internet a few times, but I was still a kid, so it's not like I did anything adult on there. I looked up Sonic and Final Fantasy stuff; I had gotten FF7 for the playstation.

"Hey daddy, I downloaded Final Fantasy 3! I can play it on my PC for 24 hours before I delete it too, it's great. I dunno how they would know if I deleted it tho, maybe it self destructs."

Good times.

Eventually, I came across Area 51 and/or SSRG, and began learning about Sonic's secrets. It also lead me to SFGHQ and similar things, where I learned of Sonic Robo Blast 2, Project Mettrix, Retro Sonic, and Stealth's level editor thing, which I wanted so badly, but my parents would never have let me buy online. SRB2 would only let me turn in one direction D:

Then, after playing SRB2 for a bit, I saw some thing about IRC on their website, but at this point, AIM was gaining popularity in school, so I stuck with that. I entered a chatroom once, and got flooded with like 100 bots XD

Then, having beaten all those games, my interest died down for a while.

The Revival

A while later, months, maybe a year or more, I remembered SRB2 and wanted to see if they fixed that bug, and remembered Retro Sonic and whatnot. I joined Sonic Robo Blast 2's IRC chatroom in late 2004, looking for friends and information about those other games. I stood there for years, in #srb2fun on Mysteria. Eventually, Mysteria began to die, and the ops decided to move the channel, but due to hilariously poor planning the channel was split between EsperNet and AccessIRC. I went to Access, not sure why. After younger and younger children joined the SRB2 community, close friends and I branched off and formed our own group on AccessIRC.

One of the first people I ever met was Rolken; at some point I ended up in #soniccenter.

I stood in my place and TSC for ages, then stumbled upon old/dead SSRG, SoStH etc, and finally Sonic CulT and Simon Wai's Sonic 2 Beta page etc. around that time and became interested in the whole prototype research thing. A long time reader, I joined the SWS2B forums after a while, but my profile was purged since I never posted; only read. I've made multiple hacks (and SRB2 wads), but never deemed them finished and as such never released them to the public outside my small group of close friends.


MK brought a lot of attention to drx's dump of the Sonic X-treme proto in his community, which turned out to be false, but he felt it was expertly executed and thought drx was pwn. He later heard about the Nick Arcade proto and kept checking back with the main community sites hoping for more.

The February 23rd 2008 Proto Release brought him to rejoin the forums and drx's server's #protos channel, then the Retro IRC channel (when he wrote this article), where he now regularly stays. He also hangs out at The Sonic Center's IRC chatroom.

MK is working on a hack, but hates posting 'ideas' that may or may not be realized, and as such is keeping it under wraps until he has media to provide.

On July 2nd, 2008, MK received sysop powers and title of Oldbie he so justly deserved. He accumulated a net loss of approximately 100$US in the process. Tweaker, now +1 Sega CD, <3s MK now.


Tweaker </3s MK currently.


MK has gone by a few names in the past:

  • DanP40988 - His first AIM name, first used on the SRB2 IRC channel.
  • Dan_P
  • Dan_X
  • Hyper_Knuckles or HK - When he was misguided to believe generic character names were cool.
  • Super_Knuckles or SK - A joke or something stupid.
  • Mecha_Knuckles - the alias from which his current name derives. MK no longer considers this the 'full' form of his name, and insists MK does not "stand for" anything, primarily because he fears being mislabeled a furry.
  • This name is, in fact, a mistake on MK's part. He initially intended to be named after Metal Knuckles, but was ignorant of the naming scheme. Due to the lack of Metal Knuckles media, MK eventually adopted Mecha Knuckles sprites as his avatar for a while, but still considered Metal Knuckles the original idea, as Metal is so much cooler than Mecha.
  • DanPMK - used when ancient software limitations prevent him from using MK.