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Sonic Fan Games HQ
Current owner(s): Smidge204 and PerfectChaosZero
Type of site: Sprite, Multimedia, and Engine Resource
Created on: 1998
Current status: Offline (Online during SAGE Event)

Sonic Fan Games HQ (often abbreviated SFGHQ) was founded by Rlan in the late 90s as a subsection of SSRG, and was moved to its own domain on Emulation Zone in 2002. It is the main site for Sonic-related fan games, especially those created in Multimedia Fusion, and is perhaps best known for its annual (formerly semi-annual) Sonic Amateur Games Expo. The site also offers a large amount of sprites, backgrounds, sound effects and tutorials for people to use in their games. In recent years, Rlan left SFGHQ in order to create SOST, and passed the torch to Smidge204 and PerfectChaosZero, who are the current admins of SFGHQ.

Sonic Worlds

Sonic Fan Games HQ is also a sponsor of Sonic Worlds, a popular open-source Sonic fan game engine for Multimedia Fusion. Engine development and showcasing is mainly held in the SFGHQ forums in a forum dedicated specifically to the engine. The last (semi-)major release was dated 1/27/09.

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