Prince Charnok

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Prince Charnok
Series: Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog

Prince Charnok is an alien being from the planet Rhombus. He travelled to the planet Mobius in Close Encounter of the Sonic Kind. He is accompanied by his accomplice, Splog, a red being which wears glasses. He is only two hours from being made king in that episode.

In Close Encounters of the Sonic Kind Prince Charnok crash-lands on Mobius after accidentally traveling into the path of Scratch and Grounder's electro-suction plate. The crash landing causes the ship to fall apart, and he travels with Sonic to find the parts of his craft. During his short tenure on the planet, he takes several pictures and decides to save Mobius from his kid brother, who wants to destroy it. He also saves Sonic from Robotnik, who took Sonic hostage for a short while.


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