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Saturn version

Control the R on the title screen

SonicR SAT ControlTheR.png

On the title screen, use the D-Pad to rotate the "R", press A and B to change its colours, and X and Y to change its lighting.

Resize models on the menus

SonicR SAT ResizeMenuModels Large.png
SonicR SAT ResizeMenuModels Small.png

In the menus, press L to make the preview models bigger, and R to make them smaller.

Play as the same character in VS mode

SonicR SAT SelectSameCharacter 1.png
SonicR SAT SelectSameCharacter 2.png

Hold X+Y+Z while selecting a character.

Clean pause

Pause the game and press X+Y+Z to hide the pause menu. To make it reappear, press Up or Down on the D-Pad.

Cheat device codes

Action Replay (Saturn)

Unofficial codes

Code Effect
F6000914 C305 + B6002800 0000 Master code
1600BD5E 0005 Always have 5 Sonic tokens
1600B3F0 0063 99 rings
1600B434 0001 Place 1st in grand grix race
1600B3F0 0FFF Always have 999 rings


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