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Sonic R
Radical City
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Radical City
Second level, Sonic R
Level theme: urban
Secondary level theme: carnival/casino
Resort Island | Regal Ruin
Map of the level.

Radical City is the second level made available for play in Sonic R. It is a large city with many streets and a highway as well as tall urban buildings. The track eventually leads to a casino area with the giant pinball table being its highlight. Of the default courses available at the beginning, this is so far the longest.

This course contains two Chaos Emeralds, and collecting all five Sonic Tokens (and finishing in the top three) will allow you to race against and unlock the Tails Doll. The music that plays in this level is Living in the City.


This course is plenty wide. Gaps in the railing aren't just accidental breaks! Waterways look like slow going at first, but they can save you some time if you know which turns to take. And speaking of turns, there are a couple of tight ones to add to your fun. Ever wondered what it would be like to be a pinball?


Sonic R
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