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Game screenshot.

Sonic 3D Blast is an LCD game created by Tiger. It was available in the 3rd generation casing and also as part of the Pocket Arcade series. The game features a standard direction pad and 4 buttons, "jump", "faster", "slow roll", and "spin dash". There are additional buttons for toggling the power or sound, and starting and pausing the game. The background of the game is a rendering of the checkerboard floor found in Green Grove Zone in the 16-bit game.


The objective of the game was to avoid a cannon which was located in the bottom right side of the screen which frequently shoots. The indented area of the ground contained a Bee-hive like enemy with a rotating ball. You must destroy this enemy to collect flickies. After enough flickies are collected you would face Robotnik in a battle similar to the Green Grove Zone boss. Sonic can be made to move faster if the "faster" button is held. A spinning roll can be used by pressing the "slow roll" button.

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