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Sonic Skateboard is an LCD game created for distribution at McDonald's restaurants. They were offered as a part of Happy Meals for a limited time in 2004. This game was also released under the name Sonic the Hedgehog Extreme Boarding.

There are two main buttons on the game which control left and right movement. The game is a recreation of the Sonic 2 special stage as the player moves forward avoiding obstacles. There are three lanes that can be moved to and one is always open, while others may be occupied by bombs. There are also Rings which litter the screen, which can be collected. Once the player has collected 20 rings, they will move to the next level, which will be more fast paced, and thus harder. There are four levels to complete, and when one is completed, you will see a “Thumbs Up”, as it appeared in Sonic The Hedgehog 2.

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