Shadow's Speed Demon

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Shadow's Speed Demon
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Shadow's Speed Demon
Game: Sonic Battle
Number of players: 2-4

Shadow's Speed Demon is a mini-game in Sonic Battle, which is unlocked after clearing Shadow's episode in Story Mode. This mini-game can only be played in multiplayer across up to four Game Boy Advance systems, with only one copy of Sonic Battle required for the host player.


The mini-game features up to four players running down a stretch of road resembling Radical Highway, and the objective is to simply race to the finish. The D-Pad is used to move around, and A is used for jumping; pressing A while jumping will make the player's character peform a mid-air dash. Ramps and Speed Boosters can be used to gain more speed and get ahead of the opposition, while construction barriers will slow players down if crashed into and have to be jumped over or maneuvered around.

The first player to cross the finish line wins.


The players' characters are predetermined based on player number:

NiGHTS can be seen flying in the background when the players reach the goal.


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