Amy's Treasure Island

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Amy's Treasure Island
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Amy's Treasure Island
Game: Sonic Battle
Number of players: 2-4

Amy's Treasure Island is a mini-game in Sonic Battle, which is unlocked after clearing Amy's episode in Story Mode. This mini-game can only be played in multiplayer across up to four Game Boy Advance systems, with only one copy of Sonic Battle required for the host player.


In this mini-game, gameplay is similar to the main game as it features the players moving around in a 3D space. The objective is to search around the map and look for three Chaos Emeralds before the other players do. To dig for Emeralds, a player simply needs to press A. If the player digs anywhere where there is an Emerald nearby, an arrow will point them in the direction to search, and their icon on the HUD will jump.

The first player to find three Emeralds is the winner.


The players' characters are predetermined based on player number:


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