Battle Highway

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Battle Highway
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Battle Highway
Fourth arena arena, Sonic Battle
Location: Central City
Level theme: urban
Opponent: Shadow the Hedgehog
Non-English names:
  • JP: バトルハイウェイ
Chao Ruins | Club Rouge

Battle Highway is a fighting arena in Sonic Battle. It is treated as Shadow's home arena.


Battle Highway is set on the roads of Central City, complete with barricades that serve as good places to hide in. The arena itself is moderately-sized and symmetrical in four ways, with enough open space for characters to run around in.

Throughout Story Mode, multiple fights take place in Battle Highway, usually against E-121 Phis or against Shadow. Though it is part of Central City, fights in this arena can also happen in Emerald Town, such as the first battle between Sonic and Shadow in Sonic's episode. At the end of Shadow's episode, Sonic and Shadow challenge Emerl to a two-on-one fight in this arena. Afterwards, Shadow uses the arena as his preferred training arena in Emerl's episode.


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