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Games That Use The Engine

This sound engine isn't specific to only the Sonic games - many other games use this sound engine as well. The "official" name for this sound system is called SMPS, or the Sample Music Playback System.

There are two derivatives of the system - one is the driver that runs on the Z80 processor, and the other runs on the 68k. 68k games will use relative pointers internally (with absolute music pointers), while the Z80 games will use Z80 bank addressing. Keep this in mind when searching for music data within games.

Game list

Game Name SMPS Version
A Ressha de Ikou MD SMPS/Mucom (68k)
Aa Harimanada SMPS 68k (banked using 2 sound driver sets)
Advanced Daisenryaku SMPS Z80
Air Buster (Aero Blasters) SMPS Z80
Alien Soldier SMPS 68k/Type 2b (Treasure mod)
Alien Storm SMPS Z80/Type 1 DAC
Arnold Palmer Tournament Golf (Super Masters) early SMPS Z80
Arrow Flash SMPS Z80/Type 1 FM
Art of Fighting (Ryuuko no Ken) SMPS Z80/Type 2 FM
ATP Tour Championship Tennis SMPS Z80/Type 2 FM (mod)
Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco GP II SMPS 68k/Type 2a (mod)
Bahamut Senki SMPS Z80
Battle Golfer Yui SMPS 68k/Type 1a
Battletoads SMPS Z80/Type 1 DAC
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon SMPS 68k/Type 2b
Bonanza Brothers SMPS Z80/Type 1 FM
Cadash SMPS Z80
Castle of Illusion SMPS Z80/Type 1 FM (mod)
Chou Yakyuu Miracle Nine SMPS Z80/Type 2 DAC (mod)
Columns SMPS Z80/Type 1 FM (mod)
Columns III SMPS Z80/Type 2 FM
Crayon Shin-Chan SMPS 68k/Type 2a
Cyberball SMPS Z80/Type 1 FM (mod)
Dahna: Megami Tanjou SMPS Z80/Type 1 DAC
Dangerous Seed SMPS Z80/Type 1 FM
Dick Tracy SMPS Z80/Type 1 FM (mod)
DJ Boy SMPS Z80/Type 1 FM
Doraemon: Yume Dorobouto 7-nin no Gozansu SMPS 68k/Type 2b
Dragon's Eye Plus: Shanghai 3 SMPS 68k/Type 1b
Dyna Brothers SMPS Z80/Type 1 DAC
Dyna Brothers 2 SMPS Z80/Type 2 FM
Dynamite Duke SMPS Z80/Type 1 FM
Dynamite Headdy SMPS 68k/Type 2b (Treasure mod)
ESWAT Cyber Police SMPS Z80/Type 1 FM
F1 Circus MD SMPS Z80/Type 1 DAC
Fatal Fury (Garou Densetsu) SMPS 68k/Type 2b
Fatal Fury 2 (Garou Densetsu 2) SMPS 68k/Type 2b
Fatal Labyrinth SMPS Z80/Type 1 FM (mod)
Fighting Masters SMPS Z80/Type 1 FM
Flicky SMPS Z80/Type 1 FM
Gain Ground SMPS Z80
Game no Kandzume Otokuyou SMPS Z80/Type 2 FM
Ghostbusters SMPS Z80/Type 1 FM (early/mod)
Go-Net SMPS Z80/Type 1 DAC
Golden Axe II SMPS 68k/Type 1b
Golden Axe III SMPS 68k/Type 2a (mod)
Gouketsuji Ichizoku SMPS Z80/Type 2 FM (mod)
Growl (Runark) SMPS Z80
Gunstar Heroes SMPS 68k/Type 2b
Honoo no Toukyuuji Dodge Danpei SMPS Z80
J.League Pro Striker/Perfect Edition SMPS Z80/Type 2 FM
J.League Pro Striker 2 SMPS Z80/Type 2 FM (mod)
King of the Monsters SMPS Z80/Type 1 DAC
King of the Monsters 2 SMPS Z80/Type 1 DAC
Light Crusader SMPS 68k/Type 2b (Treasure mod)
Magical Hat no Buttobi Turbo! Daibouken SMPS Z80/Type 1 FM
Magical Taruruuto-kun SMPS 68k/Type 2a
Marvel Land (Talmit's Adventure) SMPS Z80
Mazin Saga (Mazin Wars) SMPS Z80/Type 1 DAC
McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure SMPS 68k/Type 2b
Mega Anser SMPS Z80/Type 1 FM (early)
Mega Games 2/3 menu SMPS 68k/Type 2b
Mega Man: The Wily Wars (Rockman Megaworld) SMPS Z80/Type 2 FM
Mega Q: Party Quiz SMPS 68k/Type 2b
Mercs (Senjou no Ookami II) SMPS Z80/Type 1 early DAC
Michael Jackson's Moonwalker SMPS 68k/Type 1a
Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers SMPS Z80/Type 2 FM
Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie SMPS 68k/Type 2a
Mystic Defender (Kujaku Ou II) SMPS Z80/Type 1 FM (early/mod)
Nekketsu Koukou Dodgeball Bu Soccer Hen MD SMPS 68k/Type 1b
OutRun SMPS Z80/Type 1 DAC
OutRun 2019 SMPS Z80/Type 1 DAC
OutRunners SMPS Z80 (SMPS 68k/Type 1b port, reduced command set)
Pat Riley Basketball (Super Real Basketball) SMPS Z80/Type 1 FM
Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom SMPS Z80/Type 1 FM
Phantasy Star: The End of the Millenium SMPS 68k/Type 2b (mod, advanced DAC features)
Pro Striker Final Stage SMPS Z80/Type 2 DAC
Pulseman SMPS 68k/Type 2a
Puzzle & Action: Ichidant-R SMPS Z80/Type 2 FM
Puzzle & Action: Tant-R SMPS Z80/Type 2 FM
QuackShot SMPS Z80/Type 1 FM (mod)
Rastan Saga II SMPS Z80
Ristar SMPS 68k/Type 2b (mod, 2-channel DAC)
Saint Sword SMPS Z80
Samurai Shodown (Samurai Spirits) SMPS 68k/Type 2b
Sangokushi Retsuden SMPS Z80
Sega Channel (JP) SMPS Z80/Type 1 FM
Shadow Dancer: The Secret of Shinobi SMPS 68k/Type 1a
Shinobi III (The Super Shinobi II) SMPS 68k/Type 2b
Shogi no Hoshi SMPS Z80
Shura no Mon SMPS Z80/Type 1 DAC
Slam Dunk SMPS Z80/Type 2 DAC
Sonic & Knuckles SMPS Z80/Type 2 DAC (mod)
Sonic 3D Blast (Sonic 3D Flickies' Island) SMPS Z80/Type 2 DAC (mod)
Sonic the Hedgehog SMPS 68k/Type 1b (mod)
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 SMPS Z80 (SMPS 68k/Sonic 1 port)
Sonic the Hedgehog 3 SMPS Z80/Type 2 DAC (mod)
Sorcerian SMPS Z80/Type 1 FM
Streets of Rage (Bare Knuckle) SMPS/Mucom (68k)
Strider (Strider Hiryuu) SMPS 68k/Type 1a (mod, custom sequence format, lacks DAC and PSG)
Super League '91 SMPS Z80/Type 1 DAC
Super Monaco GP SMPS Z80/Type 1 FM (mod)
Surging Aura SMPS Z80/Type 2 FM
Syd of Valis (Valis SD) SMPS Z80/Type 1 FM
Tecmo Cup (Captain Tsubasa) (beta) SMPS Z80/Type 1 DAC
Tecmo World Cup SMPS Z80/Type 1 DAC
The Hybrid Front SMPS Z80/Type 2 DAC
The Revenge of Shinobi (The Super Shinobi) early SMPS/Mucom (68k)
Toki: Going Ape Spit (JuJu Densetsu) SMPS 68k/Type 1b
Top Shooter (Unl) SMPS Z80 Type 1 FM (uses Whip Rush sound driver)
Ultimate Qix (Volfied) SMPS Z80
Viewpoint SMPS Z80/Type 2 FM
Virtua Fighter 2 SMPS Z80/Type 2 DAC
Virtua Racing SMPS Z80/Type 1 DAC (mod, custom/reduced command set, no PSG support)
Wani Wani World SMPS Z80/Type 1 FM
Whip Rush SMPS Z80/Type 1 FM
Wimbledon Championship Tennis SMPS Z80/Type 1 DAC
Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair SMPS Z80/Type 1 FM
World of Illusion SMPS Z80/Type 2 FM (mod)
Yuu Yuu Hakusho Gaiden SMPS Z80/Type 1 DAC
Yuu Yuu Hakusho: Makyou Touitsusen SMPS 68k/Type 2b (Treasure mod)
32x Games:
Cosmic Carnage (Cyber Brawl) SMPS 68k/Type 2b (32x mod)
Knuckles' Chaotix SMPS Z80/Type 2 DAC (mod)
Metal Head SMPS 68k/Type 2b (mod)
Shadow Squadron (Stellar Assault) SMPS 68k/Type 2a (mod)
Tempo SMPS Z80/Type 2 DAC (mod)
Virtua Racing Deluxe SMPS 68k/Type 2b (32x mod)
Zaxxon's Motherbase 2000 (Parasquad) SMPS Z80/Type 2 FM

SMPS drivers for Sega MegaCD use modifications of SMPS 68k/Type 1b.
SMPS drivers for Sega Pico use modifications of SMPS 68k/Type 2a and 2b.

Music locations

Now that you know all the basics, you can start editing music. Here are some locations for various games that will help. You can use the music pointers to locate the music data for now, but I may document the locations of each individual track in the future.

Sonic 1

  • Music Pointers: $071A9C
  • Sound Effect Pointers: $078B44

Sonic 2 Beta

  • Music Pointers (These add to $0F0000, for 98-9F): $0F0000
  • Music Pointers (These add to $0F8000): $0F8000
    • Pointer to Music Pointers at $0F8000: $0EC79D
  • Sound Effect Pointers (These add to $0F8000): $0FF000
    • Pointer to Sound Effect Pointers: $0EC08E

Sonic 2 Final

  • Music Flags: $0ECF36 ($11F5 in Z80 RAM)
    • Each byte is a bitfield of:
      • bits 0-4 (mask $1F): pointer ID within the bank
      • bit 5 (mask $20): Compression ($00 = Saxman compressed, $20 = uncompressed)
      • bit 6 (mask $40): disable PAL music speed fix ($00 = no, $40 = yes)
      • bit 7 (mask $80): ROM bank ($00 = bank $0F0000, $80 = bank $0F8000)
    • Note: The sound driver and all of its data is compressed, so you should avoid the ROM locations for the music flag list.
  • Pointer to Music Pointers at $0Fx000: $0EC810
  • Music Pointers (These add to $0F0000): $0F0000
  • Music Pointers (These add to $0F8000): $0F8000
    • Specifics...
Sound Test ID Flags Z80 Pointer ROM Pointer Song name
01 92 C824 0FC824 2 Player Results Screen
02 81 88C4 0F88C4 Emerald Hill Zone
03 85 9A3C 0F9A3C Mystic Cave Zone (2 Player)
04 8F BD8C 0FBD8C Oil Ocean Zone
05 82 8DEE 0F8DEE Metropolis Zone
06 94 CE74 0FCE74 Hill Top Zone
07 86 9D69 0F9D69 Aquatic Ruin Zone
08 80 84F6 0F84F6 Casino Night Zone (2 Player)
09 83 917B 0F917B Casino Night Zone
0A 87 A36B 0FA36B Death Egg Zone
0B 84 9664 0F9664 Mystic Cave Zone
0C 91 C480 0FC480 Emerald Hill Zone (2 Player)
0D 8E BA6F 0FBA6F Sky Chase Zone
0E 8C B3F7 0FB3F7 Chemical Plant Zone
0F 90 C146 0FC146 Wing Fortress Zone
10 9B 803C 0F803C Hidden Palace Zone
11 89 AAC4 0FAAC4 Option Screens
12 88 A6ED 0FA6ED Special Stage
13 8D B81E 0FB81E Boss
14 8B B124 0FB124 Final Battle
15 8A AC3C 0FAC3C "Sweet Sweet Sweet" (Ending)
16 93 CBBC 0FCBBC Super Sonic
17 99 8359 0F8359 Invincibility
18 B5 D48D 0FD48D 1-Up
19 96 D193 0FD193 Title Screen
1A 97 D35E 0FD35E Stage Cleared
1B B8 D57A 0FD57A Game Over
1C 00 8002 0F0002 Continue
1D BA D6C9 0FD6C9 Got an Emerald
1E BD D797 0FD797 Credits
1F DC 823B 0F823B Underwater Timing
  • Sound Effect Pointers (These add to $0F8000): $0FEE91
    • Pointer to Sound Effect Pointers: $0EC09C

Sonic Crackers

  • Music Pointers: $00633F ($1153 in Z80 RAM)
  • Music Banks: $006339 ($114D in Z80 RAM)
    • Specifics...
Sound ID ROM Pointer Song name
81 010000 Electoria
82 01088C Walkin'
83 010BDA Hyper-Hyper
84 011210 Evening Star
85 01172B Moonrise
86 011B10 Game Over

Sonic 3

  • Music Pointers: $0E761A ($161A in Z80 RAM)
  • Music Banks: $0E6B48 ($0B48 in Z80 RAM)
    • Note: Only the 4 lowest bits of the (listed) bank value are read. The final bank value is (Bank OR $10).
Sound ID Bank Z80 Pointer ROM Pointer Song name
01 09 8000 0C8000 AIZ1
02 09 9B6D 0C9B6D AIZ2
03 09 B0BC 0CB0BC HZ1
04 09 C0C6 0CC0C6 HZ2
05 09 D364 0CD364 MGZ1
06 09 D97B 0CD97B MGZ2
07 09 E48F 0CE48F CNZ1
08 09 DDA9 0CDDA9 CNZ2
09 09 EBF1 0CEBF1 FBZ1
0A 09 F189 0CF189 FBZ2
0B 0A 86AA 0D06AA ICZ1
0C 0A 8000 0D0000 ICZ2
0D 0A 9345 0D1345 LBZ1
0E 0A 8DC8 0D0DC8 LBZ2
0F 0A 97A7 0D17A7 MHZ1
10 0A 9DAF 0D1DAF MHZ2
11 0A A331 0D2331 SZ1
12 0A A99B 0D299B SZ2
13 0A AF8E 0D2F8E LRZ1
14 0A B99C 0D399C LRZ2
15 0A CB29 0D4B29 SSZ
16 0A CF4F 0D4F4F DEZ1
17 0A D43A 0D543A DEZ2
18 0A D84C 0D584C S&K Act 1 Boss
19 0A DB7C 0D5B7C Act 2 Boss
1A 09 F6F0 0CF6F0 Doomsday
1B 0A E078 0D6078 Bonus Stage: Magnetic Orbs
1C 0A E5DB 0D65DB Special Stage
1D 0B 8000 0D8000 Bonus Stage: Slot Machine
1E 0B 8AE8 0D8AE8 Bonus Stage: Gumball Machine
1F 0B 97FD 0D97FD S3 Knuckles' Theme
20 0B 99F7 0D99F7 Azure Lake
21 0B A4FD 0DA4FD Balloon Park
22 0B B0EC 0DB0EC Desert Palace
23 0B C324 0DC324 Chrome Gadget
24 0B DA47 0DDA47 Endless Mine
25 0B E18F 0DE18F S3 Title
26 0B E587 0DE587 S3 Credits
27 0B EA20 0DEA20 Game Over
28 0B EC7B 0DEC7B Continue
29 0A EE73 0D6E73 Act Clear
2A 0B F095 0DF095 1-Up
2B 0B F298 0DF298 Chaos Emerald
2C 0B F364 0DF364 S3 Invincibility
2D 0B F5E4 0DF5E4 Competition Menu
2E 08 F1A0 0C71A0 S3 Act 1 Boss
2F 0A F027 0D7027 Menu
30 08 FA61 0C7A61 Final Boss
31 0B FABE 0DFABE Drowning
32 0B FBFE 0DFBFE S3 All Clear
  • Sound Effect Pointers (These add to $0F8000): $0E767E ($167E in Z80 RAM)

Sonic 3D Prototype 819

  • Music Pointers: $0BF4C6 ($165C in Z80 RAM)
  • Music Banks: $0BEB65 ($0B65 in Z80 RAM)
    • Specifics...
Sound ID Bank Z80 Pointer ROM Pointer Song name
01 18 8000 0C0000 Green Grove 1
02 18 9147 0C1147 Green Grove 2
03 18 A743 0C2743 Rusty Ruin 1
04 18 A743 0C2743 Rusty Ruin 1
05 18 DD68 0C5D68 Gene Gadget 1
06 18 DD68 0C5D68 Gene Gadget 1
07 18 B962 0C3962 Spring Stadium 1
08 18 C56F 0C456F Spring Stadium 2
09 18 D26A 0C526A Diamond Dust 1
0A 18 D26A 0C526A Diamond Dust 1
0B 18 DD68 0C5D68 Gene Gadget 1
0C 18 DD68 0C5D68 Gene Gadget 1
0D 19 8000 0C8000 Panic Puppet 2
0E 19 8814 0C8814 The Final Fight
0F 19 9A3A 0C9A3A Special Stage
10 19 9A3A 0C9A3A Special Stage
11 19 A550 0CA550 Panic Puppet 1/Level Select Screen
12 19 AEAF 0CAEAF Unused Boss Theme (Sonic 4 boss)
13 19 8814 0C8814 The Final Fight
14 19 B9B4 0CB9B4 Intro
15 19 BDBC 0CBDBC Credits
16 19 CE18 0CCE18 Game Over
17 19 D073 0CD073 "Congratulations: You have found the secret Level Select screen" screen
18 19 8698 0C8698 Act Clear
19 19 D8E2 0CD8E2 Extra Life (plays corrupted sounds some seconds after it ends)
1A 19 DA0C 0CDA0C Chaos Emerald
1B 19 DAD8 0CDAD8 Invincibility
1C 1A 8000 0D0000 Main Menu
1D 1A 8568 0D0568 S3K Slot Machine Bonus Stage
1E 1A 9050 0D1050 S3K Gumball Machine Bonus Stage
1F 1A 9D65 0D1D65 Unused Special Stage Tune
20-32 19 9D65 0C9D65 invalid (leftover from S3K driver)
  • Sound Effect Pointers (These add to $0F8000): $0BF52A ($16C0 in Z80 RAM)

Sonic 3D Prototype 825

  • Music Pointers: $0D44B2 ($165C in Z80 RAM)
  • Music Banks: $0D3B51 ($0B65 in Z80 RAM)
  • Sound Effect Pointers (These add to $0F8000): $0D4516 ($16C0 in Z80 RAM)

Sonic 3D

  • Music Pointers: $0D3233 ($165C in Z80 RAM)
  • Music Banks: $0D287D ($0B65 in Z80 RAM)
    • Specifics...
Sound ID Bank Z80 Pointer ROM Pointer Song name
01 18 8024 0C0024 Green Grove 1
02 18 918F 0C118F Green Grove 2
03 18 A8A0 0C28A0 Rusty Ruin 1
04 18 B9E7 0C39E7 Rusty Ruin 2
05 18 C795 0C4795 Volcano Valley 2
06 18 D04A 0C504A Volcano Valley 1
07 18 D739 0C5739 Spring Stadium 1
08 18 E372 0C6372 Spring Stadium 2
09 18 F091 0C7091 Diamond Dust 1
0A 19 8024 0C8024 Diamond Dust 2
0B 19 8BDE 0C8BDE Gene Gadget 1
0C 19 96BD 0C96BD Gene Gadget 2
0D 19 A0A8 0CA0A8 Panic Puppet 2
0E 19 A8E0 0CA8E0 The Final Fight
0F 1A 96B3 0D16B3 Ending
-- 19 AE1C 0CAE1C S3K Bonus Stage: Gumball Machine (unreferenced)
10 19 BB55 0CBB55 Special Stage
11 19 C68F 0CC68F Panic Puppet 1/Level Select Screen
12 19 D012 0CD012 Boss Theme 2
13 19 D620 0CD620 Boss Theme 1
14 19 DD98 0CDD98 Intro
15 19 E1D9 0CE1D9 Credits
16 1A 8024 0D0024 Game Over
17 1A 827F 0D027F "Congratulations: You have found the secret Level Select screen" screen (S3K Results)
18 1A 8698 0D0698 Act Clear
19 1A 8B15 0D0B15 Extra Life
1A 1A 8C65 0D0C65 Chaos Emerald
1B 1A 8D55 0D0D55 Invincibility
1C-31 1A 9127 0D1127 Main Menu
  • Sound Effect Pointers (These add to $0D8000): $0D3297 ($16C0 in Z80 RAM)

Sonic & Knuckles

  • Music Pointers: $0F793E ($1618 in Z80 RAM)
  • Music Banks: $0F72B0 ($0B65 in Z80 RAM)
    • Note: The sound driver and all of its data (including the pointers) is compressed, so you should avoid the ROM locations for the pointer lists.
    • Note: Pointers 2xxxxx (bank 40+) refer to the Sonic 3 part of Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles.
Sound ID Bank Z80 Pointer ROM Pointer Song name
01 59 8000 2C8000 AIZ1
02 59 9B6D 2C9B6D AIZ2
03 59 B0BC 2CB0BC HZ1
04 59 C0C6 2CC0C6 HZ2
05 59 D364 2CD364 MGZ1
06 59 D97B 2CD97B MGZ2
07 59 E48F 2CE48F CNZ1
08 59 DDA9 2CDDA9 CNZ2
09 1D 8000 0E8000 FBZ1
0A 1D 8597 0E8597 FBZ2
0B 5A 86AA 2D06AA ICZ1
0C 5A 8000 2D0000 ICZ2
0D 5A 9345 2D1345 LBZ1
0E 5A 8DC8 2D0DC8 LBZ2
10 1D 9106 0E9106 MHZ2
11 1D 9688 0E9688 SZ1
12 1D 9CF2 0E9CF2 SZ2
13 1D A2E5 0EA2E5 LRZ1
14 1D ACF3 0EACF3 LRZ2
15 1D BE80 0EBE80 SSZ
16 1D C2B4 0EC2B4 DEZ1
17 1D C79F 0EC79F DEZ2
18 1D CBB1 0ECBB1 S&K Act 1 Boss
19 1D CEE1 0ECEE1 Act 2 Boss
1A 1D D3DD 0ED3DD Doomsday
1B 1D DCC0 0EDCC0 Bonus Stage: Magnetic Orbs
1C 1D E223 0EE223 Special Stage
1D 1D EABB 0EEABB Bonus Stage: Slot Machine
1E 5B 8AE8 2D8AE8 Bonus Stage: Gumball Machine
1F 1D F5A3 0EF5A3 S&K Knuckles' Theme
20 5B 99F7 2D99F7 Azure Lake
21 5B A4FD 2DA4FD Balloon Park
22 5B B0EC 2DB0EC Desert Palace
23 5B C324 2DC324 Chrome Gadget
24 5B DA47 2DDA47 Endless Mine
25 1D F88E 0EF88E S&K Title
26 5B E587 2DE587 S3 Credits
27 1C DD4B 0E5D4B Game Over
28 1C DFA6 0E5FA6 Continue
29 1C E3C0 0E63C0 Act Clear
2B 1D FE75 0EFE75 Chaos Emerald
2C 1C E574 0E6574 S&K Invincibility
2D 5B F5E4 2DF5E4 Competition Menu
2E 1D CBB1 0ECBB1 S&K Act 1 Boss (same as 18)
2F 1C E7AF 0E67AF Menu
30 1C F74C 0E774C Final Boss
31 5B FABE 2DFABE Drowning
32 1C FCDE 0E7CDE S&K All Clear
DC 1C C104 0E4104 S&K Credits
  • Sound Effect Pointers (These add to $0F8000): $0F79AD ($167E in Z80 RAM)
    • Specifics...
Sound ID Pointer Value
$33 DE30
$34 DE5E
$35 DE6F
$36 DEA1
$37 DEC5
$38 DEF4
$39 DF2A
$3A DF6B
$3B DF96
$3C DFE5
$3D E023
$3E E05D
$3F E088
$40 E0AB
$41 E0CE
$42 E0F1
$43 E109
$44 E122
$45 E14F
$46 E177
$47 E1A4
$48 E1C4
$49 E1DE
$4A E206
$4B E22E
$4C E278
$4D E2A2
$4E E2CF
$4F E313
$50 E322
$51 E35A
$52 E38B
$53 E3A8
$54 E3E8
$55 E42B
$56 E453
$57 E463
$58 E481
$59 E49A
$5A E4F6
$5B E523
$5C E530
$5D E558
$5E E581
$5F E5B2
$60 E5DA
$61 E61B
$62 E64C
$63 E662
$64 E68C
$65 E6AB
$66 E6E1
$67 E730
$68 E75C
$69 E7B0
$6A E7DD
$6B E811
$6C E823
$6D E833
$6E E852
$6F E886
$70 E896
$71 E8E0
$72 E8EA
$73 E917
$74 E94B
$75 E978
$76 E9A7
$77 E9D1
$78 EA1B
$79 EA48
$7A EA93
$7B EAC7
$7C EAF7
$7D EB28
$7E EB55
$7F EB6D
$80 EB8B
$81 EBBA
$82 EC05
$83 EC32
$84 EC7E
$85 ECAB
$86 ECD8
$87 ED05
$88 ED3B
$89 ED68
$8A ED75
$8B EDA9
$8D EE10
$8E EE2A
$8F EE5B
$90 EE91
$91 EEC3
$92 EEF9
$93 EF2D
$94 EF77
$95 EFA6
$96 EFD5
$97 F009
$98 F01C
$99 F068
$9A F090
$9B F0AF
$9C F114
$9D F14B
$9E F17F
$9F F1C0
$A0 F1FC
$A1 F214
$A2 F23C
$A3 F274
$A4 F2A1
$A5 F2CE
$A6 F2FB
$A7 F313
$A8 F33B
$A9 F365
$AA F38F
$AC F42A
$AD F49C
$B0 F507
$B1 F582
$B2 F5D7
$B3 F603
$B4 F67D
$B5 F6AA
$B6 F6D2
$B7 F713
$B8 F745
$B9 F76C
$BA F794
$BD F7F9
$BE F837
$BF F86A
$C0 F89C
$C1 F8D1
$C2 F907
$C3 F91E
$C4 F94E
$C5 F97E
$C6 F9B7
$C7 F9F2
$C8 FA21
$C9 FA2B
$CA FA66
$CD FB12
$CE FB45
$CF FB60
$D0 FB6A
$D1 FBA1
$D3 FBF4
$D4 FC2D
$D5 FC64
$D6 FC9D
$D9 FD32
$DA FD62
$DB FD94
$DC FD94
$DD FD94
$DE FD94
$DF FD94


  • Music Pointers (32-bit): $C852A
    • Specifics...
Sound ID ROM Pointer Song name
01 0CDBF4 Flora 1 [Shooting Ristar]
02 0CEA0E Scorch 1 [Busy Flare]
03 0CF6B6 Flora 2 bgm [Dancing Leaves]
04 0D05F6 Pre boss [Concentration]
05 0D0774 Sonata 1 (initial bgm) [Intension]
06 0D0AC6 Sonata 1 (1st metronome)
07 0D0E7C Sonata 1 (2nd metronome)
08 0D1218 Sonata 1 (final metronome)
09 0D1520 Sonata 2 [On Parade]
0A 0D1E88 Automaton 2 [Lock Up!!]
0B 0D2C38 Freon 1 [Ring Rink]
0C 0D36DC Undertow 2 [Break Silence]
0D 0D4346 Boss [Crazy Kings]
0E 0D4DBE Scorch 2 [Under Magma]
0F 0D5A0A Undertow 1 [Splash Down]
10 0D6752 Freon 2 [Ice Scream]
11 0D732C Ending 2 [Next Cruise]
12 0D7E4E Sonata 1 (mini boss) [Du-Di-Da!!]
13 0D81E8 Intro 1 [Ebony Force]
14 0D858C Bonus [Ready...Go!!]
15 0D8D80 Intro 2/ Title [Pray Pray Play!!]
16 0D97EC Bonus (preview) [Formation Lap]
17 0D997A Continue Screen
18 0D9CFC Greedy [Greedy Game]
19 0DAA66 Automaton 1 [Crying World]
1A 0DAFB2 Ending 1 [Star Humming]
1B 0DC422 Sonata 1 (initial bgm) [Intension] *MID ROUND??*
1C 0DC69A Round Clear 2 [Beyond Space]
1D 0DCF66 Round Clear 1 [Let's Go!!]
1E 0DD240 Area Clear [Go Ahead]
1F 0DD5C8 Game Over [Game Over]
20 0DD7EC defeated Greedy, before imploding cutscene
21 0DD978 Sonata 1 (mini boss 3 note intro)
22 0DDA1E "Sega" music
  • Sound Effect Pointers (32-bit): $0CA2F6

MJ's Moonwalker

  • Music Pointers (32-bit): $0600A4 (all revisions)
    • Specifics...
Sound ID ROM Pointer (Rev 00) ROM Pointer (Rev 01) Song name
81 063588 063588 Smooth Criminal
82 063DAE 063DAE Beat It
83 064614 064614 Another Part of Me
84 064FEA 064D62 Billie Jean
85 065726 06549E Bad
86 065D5C 065AD4 Moonwalker Title SFX
87 065E22 065B9A Game Over SFX
88 06745E 0671D6 Round Clear
89 065E96 065C0E Mr. Big
8A 066300 066078 Boss
8B 065E22 065B9A (Same as $87)
8C 066488 066200 Smooth Criminal dance (1)
8D 0666DA 066452 Smooth Criminal dance (2)
8E 066924 06669C Smooth Criminal dance (3)
8F 066AD8 066850 Beat It dance (1)
90 066CB8 066A30 Beat It dance (2)
91 066E96 066C0E Beat It dance (3)
92 06706E 066DE6 Bad dance (1)
93 0671F0 066F68 Bad dance (2)
94 06742E 0671A6 Bad dance (3)
95 067718 067490 Thriller dance (1) (Rev 00) / Another Part Of Me dance (1) (Rev 01)
96 0678F6 06773E Thriller dance (2) (Rev 00) / Another Part Of Me dance (2) (Rev 01)
97 067AC2 067A10 Thriller dance (3) (Rev 00) / Billy Jean dance (Rev 01)

Gunstar Heroes

  • Music Pointers (32-bit): $068F42
    • Specifics...
Sound ID ROM Pointer Song name
81 069128 Stage 1 - Village
82 069CF2 Completion fanfare
83 069E5A VS. Pinky Roader
84 06A570 VS. Orange
85 06AFF0 Stage 2 - The Mine
86 06BBF0 VS. Bravoo Man
87 06BE94 Stage 3 - Airship (Also used in other in-game locations.)
88 06CD08 VS. Green/Seven Force
89 06D7D6 Stage 5 - The Empire
8A 06E0BE Stage 4 - Black's Silly Dice Maze
8B 06ECD2 Title Screen
8C 06F88C Ending Cutscene
8D 0700AC Stage 6 - Empire's Spaceship
8E 070D2C Stage Complete
8F 070FFC Crisis theme
90 0716BA VS. Black
91 07201A VS. Smash Daisaku
92 072A8A VS. Empire's Spaceship core
93 072E1E Intro
94 073774 VS. Golden Silver
95 073F68 Briefing/Level Select
96 0744B2 Credits
97 074FF4 Game Over
98 07532E Options tune/Final Stage
99 07625A Continue?
9A 076828 (not on sound test) Airship
9B 077504 (not on sound test) silence
  • Sound Effect Pointers (32-bit): $069028

Crayon Shin-Chan

  • Music Pointers (32-bit): $1301EC

Dynamite Headdy

  • Music Pointers (32-bit): $05E536

Alien Soldier

  • Music Pointers (32-bit): $084E78

Phantasy Star 3

  • Music Pointers (These add to $07000): $070376

Phantasy Star 4

  • Music Pointers (32-bit): $0D1C40
  • The sound test's pointer table is located at $2AFCDE. Each track is formatted as a 2-byte entry: the first byte uses the internal ID listed below, the second byte designates the composer (00 = IPPO, 01 = GAKI CHAN).
Sound ID ROM Pointer Sound Test (decimal) Title
82 0D2386 04 INN
86 0D31E0 31 DEZORIS TOWN 1
87 0D3568 09 NOW ON SALE
8A 0D409C 13 IN THE CAVE
8B 0D42D8 07 WINNERS!
92 0D5F0E 17 FAL
94 0D64F4 12 THRAY
95 0D6C86 14 DEFEAT AT A BLOW!
9A 0D7FA0 40 TOWER
9F 0D9530 03 SUSPICION
A2 0DA100 43 ABYSS
A3 0DA3F2 -- sound effect
A5 0DA660 18 PAIN
A7 0DAE46 -- PS1 DUNGEON ARRANGE 2 (post-battle fade-in version)
AB 0DBC78 -- sound effect (plays when Chaz reaches the top room of the Anger Tower)
AD 0DC306 -- sound effect (big explosion, tower crumbling, etc)


  • Music Pointers (32-bit): $0601A6

The Hybrid Front

  • Note: The GoodGen name of the ROM is "Hybrid Front, The (J) [a1].bin". The ROM marked with [!] is a prototype.
  • Music Pointers: $063AFA ($0956 in Z80 RAM)
  • Music Banks: $063BC9 ($0A25 in Z80 RAM)
  • Sound Effect Pointers (These add to $068000): $063B2A ($0986 in Z80 RAM)
    • Specifics...
Sound ID Bank Z80 Pointer ROM Pointer Song name
81 00 8000 060000 Opening Theme ~ Title
82 00 8FB1 060FB1 Tactics Preparation
83 00 951D 06151D Earth ~ Rebellion Fight BGM 1
84 00 9CF6 061CF6 Turn Start
85 00 9D8F 061D8F Prologue
86 00 9EBD 061EBD Combat Scenario
87 00 A306 062306 Earth ~ Sukarabe Fight BGM 1
88 00 8030 060030 Title (no opening)
89 00 A99A 06299A Earth ~ Rebellion Fight BGM 2
8A 01 892F 06892F Earth ~ PETO Fight BGM 1
8B 01 935B 06935B Game Over
8C 01 9578 069578 At the End of Combat
8D 01 98BC 0698BC Earth ~ Sukarabe Fight BGM 2
8E 01 A271 06A271 Earth ~ Sukarabe Fight BGM 3
8F 01 A973 06A973 Earth ~ PETO Fight BGM 2
90 01 B2A4 06B2A4 Ending Theme
91 01 BDE2 06BDE2 Staff Roll
92 01 C6A0 06C6A0 Moon / Mars ~ Sakurabe Fight BGM 3
93 01 CD49 06CD49 Moon / Mars ~ Sakurabe Fight BGM 1
94 01 D345 06D345 Moon / Mars ~ Sakurabe Fight BGM 2
95 01 DA73 06DA73 Moon / Mars ~ Cocoon Fight BGM 2
96 01 E2DF 06E2DF Moon / Mars ~ Cocoon Fight BGM 1
97 01 EA42 06EA42 Moon / Mars ~ PETO Fight BGM 2
98 01 ED86 06ED86 Moon / Mars ~ PETO Fight BGM 1

Dyna Brothers 2

  • Music Pointers (These add to $1D0000): $1D01DF
  • Music Pointers (These add to $1D8000): $1D81DF
  • Music Pointers (These add to $1E0000): $1E01DF

Revenge of Shinobi

  • Music Pointers (32-bit): $074770
  • Sound Effect Pointers (32-bit): $0747EC
    • Specifics...
Sound ID ROM Pointer Song name
81 079A9C The Shinobi
82 07A47C Terrible Beat
83 07AACE Round Clear
84 07AC10 Make Me Dance
85 07B56C Over The Bay
86 07BCE2 China Town
87 07C44E Run Or Die
88 07C884 Like A Wind
89 07CF8C Labyrinth
8A 07D1D4 Sunset Blvd.
8B 07D75E The Dark City
8C 07DBD2 Ninja Step
8D 07E1C2 Long Distance
8E 07E5BC Failure
8F 07E6B6 Silence Night
90 07E8F2 My Lover
91 07EBFA Game Over
92 07ECA4 The N. Master
93 07F1B8 Opening

Shadow Dancer

  • Music Pointers (32-bit): $062AF4

Shinobi III

  • Music Pointers (32-bit): $06CE3C
    • Specifics...
Sound ID ROM Pointer Song name
81 06D01C He Runs (Round 1-2)
82 06E214 Ninja Soul (Round 2-2)
83 06EF6A Shadows (Boss 2)
84 06F690 Idaten (Round 2-1)
85 06FFF4 Hassou! (Mid-boss)
86 070742 Sakura (Ending)
87 070DD2 Inner Darkside (Round 3-1)
88 071526 Shinobi Walk (Round 4-2)
89 07219E Rush and Beat (Round 5-2)
8A 072B3A Storm Wind (Start)
8B 072C48 Getufu (Continue)
8C 072DA4 Wabi (Last Life Missed)
8D 072EA6 Sabi (Life Missed)
8E 072F8E Idaten SFX
8F 072FA6 Shinobi (Opening Theme)
90 073A1E Trap Boogie (Round 3-2)
91 073F9A Round Clear
92 074102 Game Over
93 0741F0 Japonesque (Round 1-1)
94 07492A Solitary (Round 7-1)
95 074F48 Izayoi (Round 6-2)
96 07534A Whirlwind (Round 4-1)
97 075A36 My Dear D (Boss 3)
98 076398 Stage Clear
99 076484 Mandara (Boss 1)
9A 076AAC Ground Zero (Staff Roll)
9B 07733A Shadow Master (Final boss)

Dick Tracy

  • Music Pointers (These add to $078000): $078236


  • Music Pointers (These add to $078000): $078268

Castle of Illusion

  • Music Pointers (These add to $070000): $07008D

Mystic Defender

  • Music Pointers (These add to $048000): $0482AA

ESWAT Cyber Police

  • Music Pointers (These add to $018000): $018326

Dangerous Seed

  • Music Pointers (These add to $078000): $07823F


  • Music Pointers (These add to $010000): $010237

Alien Storm

  • Music Pointers (These add to $078000): $078064
Sound ID ROM Pointer Song name
81 078088 Player Select
82 0781BD Theme "BUSTERS"
83 0783FD Break Out
84 07858A Cybernate-Q
85 078A38 Noise of act!
86 078E11 That's G.G
87 079154 Dark Alley
88 079356 "Beyond" dance
89 076776 Cybernate-P
8A 079BAE We are "BUSTERS"
8B 07A043 NeuroPath
8C 07A4A1 Speed Queen!
8D 07A882 Tireless
8E 07AB4D Ulcer
8F 07AF69 Here we Go!
90 07B391 Game Over
91 07B4A1 Nuclear Dance!

Streets of Rage/Bare Knuckle

  • Music Pointers (32-bit): $07288C

Quackshot (REV01)

  • Music pointers (These add to $130000): $13011B
    • Music 8C's pointer points to Z80 RAM since the song is loaded into RAM. Its location in the ROM is $13A0CA
  • Sound pointers: $1392A6
    • All these pointers point to Z80 RAM as the sound data is loaded into RAM starting at $0DD0. To get the location of a sound in the ROM, put the pointer in big-endian order, subtract $0DD0 from it and add $1392A6 to it.

Columns III

  • Music Pointers (These add to $070000): $070255

Mega Man: Wily Wars (E)

  • Music:
The 68000 copies music data to Z80 RAM location $1000, starting with a pointer to the song data (see below). The 32-bit pointers to the list of songs is at $06E348 (E) / $06E842 (J). (The song pointers are the same in the E and J version.) Each pointer in the list points to data of the form
dc.w length ; 68000 endian
dc.w $0210 ; in Z80 endian, this is $1002, the pointer to the song data
dc.b (song data)
So to extract the song, start at 4 + the pointer.
Music ID ROM Pointer Song name
00 1E5FCC Mega Man 1: Cutman Stage
01 1E74E4 Mega Man 1: Gutsman Stage
02 1E7EF4 Mega Man 1: Iceman Stage
03 1E6C00 Mega Man 1: Bombman Stage
04 1E79A0 Mega Man 1: Fireman Stage
05 1E652A Mega Man 1: Elecman Stage
06 1E9128 Mega Man 1: Dr. Wily Stage 1
07 1E95F4 Mega Man 1: Dr. Wily Stage 2
08 1E84E8 Mega Man 1: Stage Select
09 1E87DC Mega Man 1: Game Start
10 1E8A9E Mega Man 1: Boss Theme
11 1E8DCA Mega Man 1: Stage Clear
12 1E8FAE Mega Man 1: Game Over
13 1E982C Mega Man 1: Dr. Wily Stage Boss
14 1E9A0C Mega Man 1: Ending Theme
15 1ED3AA Mega Man 2: Opening Theme
16 1ED946 Mega Man 2: Title Theme
17 1EAE92 Mega Man 2: Password
18 1EB120 Mega Man 2: Game Start
19 1EB4AA Mega Man 2: Stage Clear
20 1EDE98 Mega Man 2: Bubbleman Stage
21 1EE4AA Mega Man 2: Airman Stage
22 1EEB52 Mega Man 2: Quickman Stage
23 1EF1F4 Mega Man 2: Heatman Stage
24 1EF71A Mega Man 2: Woodman Stage
25 1EFD86 Mega Man 2: Metalman Stage
26 1F038E Mega Man 2: Flashman Stage
27 1F0A84 Mega Man 2: Crashman Stage
28 1EA2BE Mega Man 2: Dr. Wily Stage 1
29 1EAB90 Mega Man 2: Dr. Wily Stage 2
30 1EB72A Mega Man 2: Stage Select
31 1EB990 Mega Man 2: Game Over
32 1EBBC0 Mega Man 2: Dr. Wily Map
33 1EBEB6 Mega Man 2: Boss Theme
34 1EC37C Mega Man 2: All Stages Clear
35 1EC5CE Mega Man 2: New Weapon
36 1EC7A2 Mega Man 2: Ending Theme
37 1ECC2E Mega Man 2: Staff Roll
38 1F5C90 Mega Man 3: Title Theme
39 1F4A72 Mega Man 3: Protoman's Whistle
40 1F114A Mega Man 3: Sparkman Stage
41 1F1776 Mega Man 3: Snakeman Stage
42 1F1F9A Mega Man 3: Needleman Stage
43 1F2880 Mega Man 3: Hardman Stage
44 1F300C Mega Man 3: Topman Stage
45 1F371E Mega Man 3: Geminiman Stage
46 1F3B1C Mega Man 3: Magnetman Stage
47 1F43DA Mega Man 3: Shadowman Stage
48 1F6DFA Mega Man 3: Dr. Wily Stage 1
49 1F72BE Mega Man 3: Dr. Wily Stage 2
50 1F7738 Mega Man 3: Dr. Wily Stage 3
51 1F4AB8 Mega Man 3: Stage Select
52 1F4D1C Mega Man 3: Game Start
53 1F502C Mega Man 3: Password
54 1F52E2 Mega Man 3: New Weapon
55 1F56C0 Mega Man 3: Boss Theme
56 1F5B5A Mega Man 3: Stage Clear
57 1F64CA Mega Man 3: Ending Theme
58 1F6C42 Mega Man 3: Dr. Wily Map
59 1F7B8C Mega Man 3: Dr. Wily Boss Theme
60 1F8000 Mega Man 3: Staff Roll
61 1FD788 Introduction
62 1FDC64 Title Theme
63 1F9BA8 Game Select
64 1F9E04 Wily's Tower: Buster Rod-G Stage
65 1FA4BC Wily's Tower: Mega Water-S Stage
66 1FAAB6 Wily's Tower: Hyper Storm-H Stage
67 1FB218 Wily's Tower: Wily's Tower Stage 1
68 1FB85E Wily's Tower: Wily's Tower Stage 2
69 1FBFFE Wily's Tower: Wily's Tower Stage 3
70 1F8B66 Wily's Tower: All Stages Clear
71 1FD03A Wily's Tower: Boss Theme
72 1F95F0 Wily's Tower: New Weapon
73 1FD4EE Wily's Tower: Game Start
74 1F88FE Wily's Tower: Game Over
75 1F8EBE Wily's Tower: Stage Clear
76 1F9878 Wily's Tower: Light Lab
77 1F941E Wily's Tower: Stage Select
78 1F912E Wily's Tower: Wily's Tower Map
79 1FC8F0 Wily's Tower: Wily's Tower Stage 4
80 1FE448 Wily's Tower: Ending Theme
81 1FED40 (not in sound test) Capcom Logo
82 1FEDE4 (not in sound test) ??
  • Sound Effects:
These, on the other hand, are read from the ROM bank, like with most other SMPS/Z80s. The pointer list is at ROM $1E4000, and each pointer value adds to $1E0000.


  • Music Pointers (These add to $0F0000): $0F0479


  • Music Pointers: $055114
Each entry in this list is three bytes of the form
db bank
dw offset ; (Z80 endian — byte swap when viewing in a hex editor)
bank is either 0 or 1. A value of 0 means add the offset to $1E8000; a value of 1 means add to $1F0000. For example, the first entry reads
db 0
dw $9EBC
0 means add $9EBC to $1E8000 to get $1F1EBC.


Sonic CD

Each file has only one song. The sound effect list is a list of 32-bit pointers. For the sound effects and PCM pointers, each file is loaded to Sub 68000 address $40000, so simply bitwise AND $3FFFF to each address from the list to get the ROM address. For each file, the music is placed immediately before the first sound effect and the last sound effect is placed immediately before the PCM table, so if you want to split out the music, start at the given address and end at the address of the first sound effect in the sound effect list.

File Description Music Start Address Sound Effects List Address PCM Table Address
SNCBNK1B.BIN Palmtree Panic Past $1324 $12DE $1D94
SNCBNK3B.BIN Collision Chaos Past $133A $12DE $19F6
SNCBNK4B.BIN Tidal Tempest Past $1322 $12DE $1906
SNCBNK5B.BIN Quartz Quadrant Past $1336 $12DE $1C82
SNCBNK6B.BIN Wacky Workbench Past $1326 $12DE $1976
SNCBNK7B.BIN Stardust Speedway Past $1336 $12DE $1A7A
SNCBNK8B.BIN Metallic Madness Past $1322 $12DE $1AA4
SNCBNKB1.BIN Unknown $1326 $12E2 $1414
SNCBNKB2.BIN Unknown $1326 $12E2 $1414


Cosmic Carnage

  • Music Pointers (32-bit): $082AAC
    • NOTE: Cosmic Carnage is 32x, so $900000 is added to each pointer.

Knuckles' Chaotix

  • Music Pointers (These add to $040000): $076AE9
  • Music Pointers (These add to $048000): $076B05
  • Music Pointers (These add to $050000): $076B33
Address Song
$40000 Door Into Summer
$40D61 Electoria
$41904 Speed of Sound
$428a6 Seascape
$4349a Midnight Greenhouse
$44220 New Moon
$4509c Labyrinth
$4536b Trial and Error
$45DEE Walkin'
$461be Hyper-Hyper
$468e5 Evening Star
$46Fe8 Moonrise
$474e3 Overture
$477f0 This Horizon
$48000 Take Off
$4836a Combination
$48a39 Take a Nap
$48c96 Surging Power
$4915d Mechanical Dance
$4951d Tube Panic
$49fb0 Crystal Nightmare
$4a58c Child's Song
$4ac3c Soda Pop
$4b082 Pendulum
$4b6f5 Silver Screen
$4bBFF Tachy Touch
$4c44e Chaotic World
$4c8fa Surprise!
$4cd0d Nice Meeting You
$4d0ef Have a Happy Day
$4d34c Reach the Goal
$4d53f High Five
$4d67a Decision
$4d81d From Party to Party
$4d9f4 Have Some Fun
$4dc41 Oriental Legend
$4e33d Steel Heart
$50000 Tribute
$509ac Destructive Power
$50c6a Just Another Day
$5400b Decision 2nd
  • Sound Effect Pointers (These add to $050000): $076B3B
  • PWM Table: $058000

Stellar Assault (Shadow Squadron)

  • Music Pointers (32-bit): $0C2868
    • NOTE: Shadow Squadron is 32x, so $900000 is added to each pointer.


  • Music:
You will need to consult two lists: a bank list and a pointer list. The bank list is at ROM address $1F0921; the pointer list at ROM $1F11EB. For the nth song (starting with 0), the nth byte in the bank list correspond to bits 22-15 of the final address (clear the upper bit of the final address); the nth word (Z80 endian) in the pointer list correspond to bits 14-0 (drop the upper bit). For example, the first song has a bank value of $38 and a pointer value of $9B8B. Shifting $38 left 15 bits to fill it in bits 22-15 yields $1C0000. Drop the highest bit from the pointer to get $1B8B, which you then add to $1C0000 to get $1C1B8B.
  • PWM Table: $2C0000

Virtua Racing Deluxe

  • Music Pointers (32-bit): $032AB8 (UE) / $032ACA (J)
    • NOTE: "8B" at start of pointers resolves to $030000.

Zaxxon's Motherbase 2000

  • Music Pointers (These add to $070000): $001F7E ($138C in Z80 RAM)
  • Sound Effect Pointers (These add to $070000): $001FAE ($13BC in Z80 RAM)


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