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Magazine Preview #10 - Level Select Screenshot of a Later Sonic 2 Prototype

Mag compare10a.jpg Ss.s2bls.png S2b4 level select.png
Source: Sega Solid Gold Guide 1993
Scanned by: Hivebrain
Source: Sonic 2 Beta ROM Source: Sonic 2 Beta 4 ROM

A prototype level select screen. Okay, let's see what we have here. Wood Zone is gone, Genocide City gets canned too, Sky Chase and Sky Fortress appear, and Death Egg is cut back to 1 act.

Including special stage, there're 26 stages listed in our prototype, but only 21 listed in the left screenshot. Time was running out for Sega to meet the deadline!

Most importantly, we can see the "1 player" and "2 player vs" texts in the background (which really belong to the title screen, not the level select). This suggests a newer prototype than ours.

The odd thing is, even Wood Zone is removed from the level select list, the level is still in the game and is playable! See preview M11. Perhaps choosing one of the misnamed zones would take you to Wood Zone, like selecting Dust Hill in our prototype takes us to Mystic Cave.

The level select screen from the magazine appears in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Beta 4, although it is on the screen, Hidden Palace is not playable.